Bodybuilders Sacred Technique and Rules to Build Muscle Fast
Body Building Techniques

Bodybuilders Sacred Technique and Rules to Build Muscle Fast

Body Builders Sacred Rules and Techniques

Here are Seven Excellent Bodybuilding Techniques / Rules that if applied will help you build muscle faster:

Sacred Rule 1. Eat every two to three hours and up to 5 times a day.

When bodybuilding, it is very important that your keep your body well nourished with amino acids, protein and carbs, especially if you wish to increase your muscle growth to big levels. By eating every two to three hours, you keep your body from going into a “starvation” mode that could make the body begin to consume it’s own tissue — including muscle.

Sacred Rule 2.Make the Foundation of Your Bodybuilding Program based on Compound Movements including Presses and Squats.

When bodybuilding it is good to work as many muscle groups as possible using as few sets as possible. As an example, when doing Squats, make sure you are also training your lower back and glutes — not just your quads. This allows recovery and helps the growth of your muscles faster.

Sacred Rule 3. Do Not Over train.

One of the main reasons bodybuilders can not grow their muscles is they over train.

Sacred Rule 4. Do Not Do Heavy Workouts more than 2 Days in a Row.

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Not only do your muscles require recovery after heavy workouts, you entire nervous system needs recovery as well.

Sacred Rule 5. Consume a Protein Shake or Drink right after every workout.

When protein is consumed right after a workout, research has shown it will boost insulin levels which in turn helps protein synthesis and faster muscle growth.

Sacred Rule 6. Every 4 to 6 Weeks of Intense Training, take a break.

A week break (complete week off) between intense training or two weeks break of only light training allows your body to recover completely and sometimes even causes new muscle growth.

Sacred Rule 7. Maintain your Calm.

It is always a good idea to remain as calm as possible. Stress can cause too much energy to burn. This is the same energy that your body could be using to increase muscle growth.

There you have it. Seven excellent bodybuilding techniques / rules to build muscle fast.

Tell us what you think — Do you have any bodybuilding techniques to add?

Bodybuilders Sacred Technique and Rules to Build Muscle Fast
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