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Here are several Bodybuilding Safety Tips – Get Big Muscles Safely

1. Always Warm up Completely.

It is very important that you always warm up your muscles before you begin your six to eight reps at target weight. Light stretching and cardio are a good way to warm up your muscles. It is also important that you do a warm set with lighter weights as well. Using a lighter weight simply do the motion of your first exercise for 15 to 20 reps. Concentrate on the motion as you are doing this warm up set.

2. Always Use Perfect Form.

It is important to know the main goal of weight training is to go to the fatigue point. It can be unsafe to try to complete a certain number of reps regardless of how your muscles feel. Using the perfect form is important too throughout the reps. When you can not do a rep with perfect form, then you have worked your muscles to failure / fatigue. That is your goal. It is unsafe to try to do additional reps that require you to change your form.

3. Always Use the Correct Weight.

Keeping the bodybuilding safety tip 2 in mind, you should choose a weight level where you can do six to eight reps in perfect form. As a reminder, the goal is get to the point of failure, not be able to lift a certain weight level. Always add additional weight to your workouts slowly. This way you will know what your body is able to lift and how many reps you can lift to failure.

4. Use Safety Equipment for Bodybuilders.

There is one key piece of safety equipment all serious bodybuilders should own and use. A weight belt is very important since it supports your lower back. It will also help you stay in proper form by restricting your movements. Weight gloves are helpful in that they can help you grip weights and bars and stop slipping if you get sweaty.

5. If Possible, Do Your Training Workouts with a Partner.

Although it is not always possible to have someone to workout with, it does add a level of safety to your muscle training. The biggest benefit is they can be there to spot you as well as critique you in your lifting form. If you do not have a regular partner, it is very advisable you find someone available before you begin your heavy lifting, especially if you are tired. You should easily be able to find someone in your gym ready to help out.

6. Use A Good Gym with Working Equipment

We can not all be lucky enough to have a top workout facility, with the latest workout equipment available to us. Yet, we can make sure that where we workout does have equipment that does work well. Old equipment that is not in good shape can cause an injury and poor lifting form. In addition, if you choose to workout at home, make sure your equipment is in working order too. If it is not, then it is time to get new equipment.

7. Do Not Over Train.

One of the major causes of injuries, especially with new bodybuilders, is over training. It does not get your bigger muscles faster. Just because you may see good results by doing lower count sets does not mean you will see better results by doubling the number. Over training can also create joint and muscle damage that may cause you to have to take a major break from training. Sometimes this type of injury can stay with you for many years and there goes your bodybuilding goals.

Although bodybuilding, using the proper bodybuilding techniques and forms, is usually not a dangerous exercise, injuries can happen very easily. It is a good idea if you are brand new to bodybuilding to hire a trainer for a few sessions to learn proper and perfect form. In addition, follow the above body builder safety tips above too.

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