Brad Pitt Workout - The Routines for Fight Club & Troy

Brad Pitt Workout – The Routines for Fight Club and Troy

There are probably 2 reasons that you’re interested in the Brad Pitt workout – Or we should say, 2 movies.

Brad Pitt shot to a new level of fame with the male population especially during the movies “Fight Club” and “Troy”.

The characters Tyler Durden and Achilles basically represented what most average guys consider to be “the perfect physique I’d like to have”.

The Brad Pitt Workout everybody is talking about

On this page, I will reveal to you both of his workouts from the movie “Troy” and the workout of Tyler Durden from his role in “Fight Club”!

First up, let’s check out what Tyler Durden was up to in the gym in the movie, “Fight Club”!

The misconception about Brad Pitt’s physique in Fight Club is that he is big and ripped! Ripped = Yes but big? Definitely not.

In this Brad Pitt movie, his main goal was clearly to burn calories and to shed as much fat as possible which he certainly achieved!

This means that you can see every last bit of muscle on Brad’s body giving the illusion that he is pretty huge! However, he is nowhere near as big in this movie as he is in Troy.

Looking at the Brad Pitt workout below, it is not a typical muscle building workout and looking at this makes it more obvious that he was going for maximum calorie burn for fat loss.

His reps range from 8-25 per set and he used 3 sets per exercise. His rest periods were apparently also relatively short in between sets (60 seconds!) – This would have helped keep his heart rate up and burnt more calories.

Brad Pitt would finish off his workout week with 60 minutes of fairly high intensity cardio over the weekend to increase his caloric expenditure even further.

Note:- Brad Pitt performed his exercise sets in a descending pyramid fashion (apart from press ups and pull ups). Starting with lighter weight and higher repetitions and ending with higher weight and lower repetitions.

(1st set : 25 reps, 2nd set : 15 reps, 3rd set : 8 reps) – All weights are in pounds for this Brad Pitt workout.

3 – Nautilus press 80/100/130 (Nautilius is basically a brand of chest press machine)

This movie is where Brad Pitt kicked it up a notch in terms of muscle building!

Pitt put on 10lbs of pure muscle for this role. (Although it doesn’t sound like much, 10lbs of pure muscle is a huge amount)

This is definitely reflected in this version of the Brad Pitt workout. He uses repetitions more commonly suited to hypertrophy (muscle building) and so he would have to have been pushing heavier weight too.

He also used way more volume in his workout than before as you’ll see his sets increased to 5-6 per exercise. (although some sources state he kept it at 3 sets)

It is also debated whether Brad Pitt trained his legs leading up to Troy because a stunt double was used for many scenes involving his legs.

Of course, YOU won’t make that mistake, right?

30 minutes straight until failure.

Strangely, this Brad Pitt workout isn’t split into a weekly schedule.

I would recommend something like the following :

Mon – Legs

Tues – Chest

Wed – Rest

Thurs – Back

Fri – Shoulders

Sat – Arms + Abs

Sun – Rest

This should give adequate rest to all muscle groups involved. The Saturday arms workout would not have to include much volume because of the large amount of indirect work they do during the other upper body days!

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To be continued …

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