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The Bradley Cooper Supplements He Used For American Sniper

Should They Be Banned – The Bradley Cooper Supplements He Used For American Sniper?

Chris Kyle, the Texan who became the deadliest sniper in US military history, has been described as being ‘a bear of a man’ weighing in at 230 pounds.  So when 185 pound Bradley Cooper was given the task of playing him in the movie American Sniper, he had some serious work to do.  And we don’t mean the fact that he was both co-producing and starring in the movie!

Bradley Cooper SupplementsIf you’ve ever intentionally tried to put on 40 lbs then you’ll know how hard it is.  Especially when you’ve only got 10 weeks to do it in.  And you have to do it without damaging your body too much.  That was the challenge trainer Jason Walsh faced when he had to turn 185 pound Bradley Cooper into 230 pound Chris Kyle in less than 3 months.

Like everyone else, we wondered how they pulled it off.  We knew muscle-building training and exercises, and lots of it, was involved but we suspected there was something else.  After all, ten weeks is not a lot of time when you’re trying to gain 40 pounds of solid muscle.

Fortunately we caught up with the Hollywood star recently and we took the opportunity to ask him the question that has been buzzing around in our heads ever since we saw the movie.  Just how did he do it?  Equally as fortunately for us, and our readers, Bradley was quite happy to tell us everything about the muscle-building stack he used to bulk himself up for the role.

Because this was a new one on us, we decided to investigate these Bradley Cooper supplements a bit more.  Turns out we were about the last to figure it out because guys from all over the place came forward with accounts of how, when these supplements are taken together, they literally start building muscle mass and burning body fat extremely quickly.  So quickly in fact that when coupled with a training regime like the one Bradley was undergoing, it was easy to see how they achieved that 40-pound muscled weight gain in under 3 months!

But we know there are still doubters out there and, to be honest, we don’t blame you.  So we’ve put together a special report on our findings….

Our research has found Bradley Cooper supplements (which is what we like to call them) are completely legitimate. There isn’t anything sinister about them at all.

Sure, Bradley Cooper does work out like crazy but it is this secret addition to his daily diet that seems to be helping him maintain the strength and power he requires to remain at the top of his game. Here is our account of our findings about the Bradley Cooper Muscle Supplements ….

To be continued …

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