Bodybuilding - Muscle Gain and Nutrition Rules

Building Muscle – The DO’s and DON’Ts

When you consider building muscle, there are certain standards and principles that should never be broken. Some of these include following a nutritional diet, consistent workout routines, never over-stressing your muscles, and avoiding substances such as anabolic steroids.

If you do not follow these standards, you are severely hurting your chances of achieving your goals and building muscle. You will not be working out to your full potential. Everybody should take the time each day to make sure they are following these basics before beginning a workout.

Building Muscle – The DO’s

Before lifting a single weight in the gym, the first thing that you need to do before beginning to build muscle is to write down your fitness goals. What exactly do you want to achieve? Do you want to be slim and chiseled? Do you want to put on 20 pounds of muscle?

If you take the time to write down your fitness goals, you are encouraging both your body and your mind to push harder every single time you hit the gym. This way, you can also design your workout around your specific goals.

Just as importantly, you should strive to eat a well balance diet. If you are not eating well, then you will be negating the effects of the backbreaking workout you just had. Your body will respond and build leaner muscle when you are consuming a balanced diet of fruit, protein, and carbohydrates.

Many people stunt their own progress since they do not take the time watch what they eat and eat it within their calorie intake allotted. Don’t be one of these people! Pick a healthy diet plan, and stick to it.

Along with maintaining a balanced diet, try to eat around 4 to 5 smaller meals per day instead of 3 larger meals. You will see better results out of your exercise plan by spreading out your food intake. This is because your body is built to better digest smaller meals.

Your metabolism will run consistently throughout the day instead of just running every few hours. Also, drinking lots of water throughout the day will help your muscles recover after a workout and reduce fat buildup. Try drinking at least 10 cups of water per day for optimum results.

Building Muscle – The DON’Ts

Now that we conquered the DO’s, lets talk about a few DON’Ts of building muscle. The number one thing you should never do when you are working out is to over-train. Your body needs time to recover after you have worked out for an extended period of time, and the more you push yourself and strive to do things that your body can’t handle, you will only find yourself in pain and be susceptible to injuries.

Another critical step is to never skip breakfast. Breakfast is important because it kick-starts your metabolism at the beginning of the day. Weightlifters and scientists agree that eating breakfast eat day is a great start to building muscle in your training program.

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