Burn fat quickly with exercise
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Burn fat quickly with exercise

When you need to burn fat quickly there is nothing that beats it than a good old workout at the gym. But that isn’t all you’ll achieve by putting on your training shoes and working up a sweat.  If done properly you will become physically fit and healthy and not only burn fat quickly.

There are five main elements to physical fitness:

Cardio-respiratory endurance.  This is the efficiency of the body to deliver oxygen as well as nutrients that are required to maintain muscular activity as well as to get rid of wastes.

Muscular strength. This is the maximum force that either a muscle group or a muscle can apply in one effort.

Muscular endurance. This is the ability with which your muscles or muscle group are able to perform some repeated movements over an extended period.

Flexibility. This is the ability of your body to be able to move joints through a whole, regular range of motion.

Body composition. This is the body fat percentage that any person has relative to the total mass of their body.If you can work and improve upon the initial three elements, then you will positively affect the latter two components.

Some other factors like agility, speed, muscle power, eye-foot coordination or eye-hand coordination all come under elements of “motor fitness.” Now, a good training program to burn fat quickly as well as fitness will take into consideration all the elements of physical as well as motor fitness.

If you want your program to work for you then you will have to stick to some basics of exercise. These basics are enlisted below.


If you want to get something out of your program then be regular at it. You must include the initial four elements of fitness for a minimum of three days every week. Besides exercise, you should be regular in sleeping, resting as well as maintaining a balanced diet.


In order to improve your fitness level, you will have to keep challenging your body. You can do this by gradually increasing the duration and/or the intensity of exercise.


Instead of focusing on a single element, it is better to get an overall view and maintain balance.


In order to keep yourself from getting bored and in order to provide motivation, you should include variety in your routine.


You should make some specific goals and then move forward towards them. Making none or vague goals will not get you too far.


You should allow your body to recover. Allow a day of rest so that you are rejuvenated with renewed strength the next time.


In order to get something out of your exercise you should load yourself with more than your normal routine.

All the above might seem like a bit of a nightmare at first when all you want to do is burn fat quickly so you can fit in a pair of jeans, get healthier or impress a loved one, but it is possible and within everyones reach to do it.  So, go on, get yourself down to the gym.

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Burn fat quickly with exercise
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