Butt Exercise Mini Series - Butt Assessment
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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Butt Assessment

Now that you can appreciate that the perfect butt comprises of all these different factors brought together in the right synergy, you must not look at your own butt and determine what aspects of your butt needs work.

You should now look at your butt in an very objective manner to determine what areas need to be developed. Questions such as these should be asked and answered honestly:

Butt Muscles

  • Is there enough muscle mass in my butt to hold its shape without having it droop?
  • Do I have too much muscle mass in the butt that I suffer from the bubble butt syndrome?
  • Are the muscles in my butt too compact also leading to the bubble butt syndrome?
  • Are the muscles of my butt to lengthy creating a flatter butt than I should have?
  • Which muscle group in my butt is more prominent? Front or the sides?
  • Do I consider my butt sitting too low or too high compared to everyone else?

With the answers to these questions in hand you can proceed to my Butt Exercise section where I can talk about the different exercises and procedures you can do to correct your butt muscles, remembering that the butt muscles are the most important foundation in which you develop your butt.

Butt Fat

  • Do I have too much fat on my fat?
  • Am I mistaking it for cellulite?
  • Where is the majority of my butt fat located?
  • Does it feel like my fat is all fat because I lack muscles there?
  • Do I have enough fat so my but doesn’t look like a rump steak?
  • Do I want a nice jiggly butt of an African American performer or a toned butt of an athlete?
  • Do I want a bit of fat on the sides for that love handle or hour glass affect?

Again as demonstrated here, there are so many ways to sculpt your butt even with varying the amount of fat in certain places. It has to be said that sculpting muscles is a much easier method of shaping, to get the ideal butt you will also have to look into carefully placing where the fat should and shouldn’t be. Again I will go into the details in my Butt Fat section.

Butt Skin

  • Does the skin on my butt seem too loose letting everything out of place?
  • Is the skin on certain areas of my but too loose while some seem too tight?
  • Is there acne on my butt making it seem unattractive?
  • Is there an access of skin on my butt?
  • Do I have overly tight skin making my butt sit wrong (aka bubble butt)?
  • Do I need to tighten the overall skin on my butt to give it a slight lift?
  • Is my butt already hanging too high and I need to loosen up my skin?

As with the previous factors affecting the look of the butt, skin plays an vital role in maintaining the shape of your butt, its even proven (by me being the guinea pig) that if you choose to tighten your skin and loosen your skin in different places, it can change the look and the position of your butt. Details are available in the Butt Skin section.

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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Butt Assessment
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