Butt Exercise Mini Series - Butt Fat & Cellulite
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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Butt Fat & Cellulite

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Butt Fat

Again, there are quite a few misconceptions about the fat in your butt region. Most people looking for that perfect butt will simply do an assortment of exercises to try reduce the amount of fat they have on their butt. Not only is this a very general statement but really the fat in your butt also warrants significantly more attention rather than just “reducing it”.

Always remember that for the perfect butt, a certain level of fat must exist and it must exist in the right places to maintain the proper shape. You can’t just have a default goal of “loosing fat in the butt”, you must know where you need to shed the fat and in most cases, you must know where to put on the fat or bulk in certain areas to get the right shape.

I’ll bring you through the methods to shed and compensate for areas with less fat however it is vital that you do a proper Butt Assessment before you go and develop your backside.

Below I will list what you can do with your butt fat in the areas of fat, how to loose it and how to manage it properly:

Managing Cellulite

Cellulite is the common name for the dimpling of skin, caused by the protrusion of fat into the dermis (top layer of skin) creating an uneven texture on the skin. The term cellulite isn’t exactly an medical term rather its been said that it was a derivative of an french word which only became widely accepted to describe the lumpy uneven skin around the thighs late in the 1960’s with the earliest reference being from vogue magazine.

There are also different names for cellulite include orange peel syndrome, cottage cheese skin, the mattress phenomenon, and hail damage to name the popular few. Cellulite is very common and isn’t a problem except for it less than appealing appearance. Between 85% and 98% of post-pubescent females display some degree of cellulite so its really nothing to worry about. It is prevalent in women of all races but is much more common to Caucasian females compared to females of other races. Cellulite is not related to being overweight; average and underweight people also get cellulite, rather it has been linked to the female hormone astrogen and also family history.

For our purposes, the best shaped but with the best skin tone will all be undone if you suffer from cellulite which creates unsightly textures on your skin. The one important thing to note about cellulite is that it is virtually indistinguishable from normal human fat. Cellulite is fat, its just fat that hasn’t collected evenly. So the best and often easiest way to tackle cellulite is to just reduce the amount of fat at the thighs. Please refer to our Managing Access Fat at the Lower Butt section to get a detailed overview of how to reduce the fat build-up in your cellulite prone areas.

While you are trying to loose the fat that is cellulite it is also mentioned that excess hormones in foods today create a hormonal imbalance in the human body which leads to the access development of cellulite. Some people have pointed out that a lot of animals are injected with additional growth hormones like estrogen to make the mature faster and thus be processed faster. Studies have also indicated that food with the highest amount of artificial hormones include battery chickens, milk and other type of commercial poultry.

Another helpful solution which seems to be the easiest for far is to bathe the cellulite areas with a home made mineral bath containing sea salt for at least 20 minutes. You should add 2 cups of sea salt to a normal size tub and soak. What this does is that it salt water actually is effective in both tightening the skin and also drawing access water out from the skin thus helping to smoothen out the area affected by cellulite. This however, is a temporary measure and will last for 2 days at most before the uglies come back.

There has also been a link between the onset of constipation and the occurrence of cellulite. Thus if you do suffer from constipation on a regular basis, that could be the problem causing your cellulite. Constipation can be easily cured with proper adjustments to your diet and basic house cleaning of your body. You should add more fiber into your diet, drink more water and consider drinking anything ice cold as to be bad as it constricts you esophagus and stomach thus hindering the flow of digestive enzymes.

There has also been a link between the development of cellulite and blocked skin pores around the thigh areas. Cellulite is considered to be epidermal fat can’t escape and gathers just below the skin. Research has shown that if the pores around the cellulite areas are clear, there is a higher chance of the fat being released when you sweat so what you should do is always ensure that the pores around the cellulite prone areas are clear. Drink lots of water so you body is allowed to sweat as much as it wants carrying the cellulite causing fat out with it. You should also stay away from salt as it contributes to water retention. Also dry brush your skin so that the fat is distributed nicely and close to the pores for later extraction.

Additionally, spot exercises that work the muscles under the cellulite prone areas also work wonders to reducing cellulite. Butt exercises such as the Outer Thigh Leg Lift will work wonders by making he muscles work below the cellulite help even out the skin texture of the cellulite areas.

On top of that, stress has also been shown to cause cellulite. So by actually reducing the level of stress that you have to endure you may actually see a decrease in the amount of cellulite. Normal things like meditating and proper sleep will reduce tension in the muscles make blood flow more readily to cellulite prone areas.

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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Butt Fat & Cellulite
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