Butt Exercise Mini Series - Butt Muscles
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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Butt Muscles

There are so many misconceptions about the butt flying around the internet that I’d just like to set the records straight. The first and worst misconception is that just doing your basic butt exercises like lunges or squats, you will get a butt as great as the supermodels. This is wrong, the basic principle at work here is that everyone posses a different type of butt. No one exercise or regime can possibly be an all-encompassing solution to all your butt issues.

The basic fact is that different type of butt exercises will give you different results. Each type of exercise will hit different muscle groups in a different way. Based on what you want for results there is definitely a set of exercises that will get you to your result much faster than just doing every exercise that is presented. What I’ll attempt to do in this section is to drill it down to the basics of what exercises are good what for type of results you are pursuing.

But also bear in mind that this section is specifically designed for butt exercise only and in order to get the proper results you will need to look at other factors including both the butt fat and butt skin section to get a holistic solution to your butt issues. In order to make the proper decisions relating to which exercise to do you should first go to my Butt Assessment page where you can determine what your butt type is and what your goals are.

This next section i’ll show you some butt exercises that can be done in the gym. The purpose of these exercises would almost be 100% for increasing the amount of muscle at the butt.

  1. Squats – The Overall Developer
  2. Hip Extensions
  3. Outer Thigh Leg Lift

If on the other hand you feel that building muscle mass isn’t important to you then you can also lengthen the muscles in your butt so it isn’t all condensed into one particular area. These exercises are particularly important if you have a bubble but that mostly consists of muscles and you’d like to even out the structure for a more natural look.

  1. Yoga and/or Pilates

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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Butt Muscles
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