Butt Exercise Mini Series – Butt Skin

Butt Exercise Mini Series – Butt Skin

Again here you will read from so many other websites even medical journals or even if you read the rubbish that is health magazines, that the general goal to getting your butt looking great is simply to tighten your skin. While I do believe that under some circumstances skin tightening around the butt will work, it is definitely not the one solution that will cure every butt issue you have.

What happens if you butt is too wide? What if it looks like a soccer ball split in half? I hardly think that tightening your butt skin would be an improvement, rather it would exaggerate your butt issues further.

What is important is that you are fully aware of your personal butt shape and keep in mind the goal which you are trying to achieve then ask yourself the question if tightening your butt skin is really needed or even necessary.

Think of the skin that surrounds your butt as just a net to catch all the fat and muscle and keep it in place. If the fat and the muscles aren’t worked properly and don’t resemble anything attractive then the skin, no-matter how tight will not be able to overcome it. So remember, always build your butt from the inside out. Target the muscles, manage the fat then when that is all done, tighten the skin to create the perfect butt.

There can be 2 purposes when it comes to skin tightening around the butt area. The first scenario is when you have actually lost some mass around the butt area and your skin isn’t looking its best, looking a bit loose. The other option is when you skin around your butt is already quite tight, but you actually want a “butt lift” with your skin actively pulling up your but to make it look perkier. Each of these different goals requires different approaches.

When it comes to the first purpose to tighten skin when you have reduced the supporting structure of fat and muscles requires quite a bit more work as the chances are that the skin has already been stretched over the years and all the layers from the epidermis to the hypodermis of the skin would need tightening.

The first treatment I would recommend is to use Pascalite Clay as it has very strong tightening properties making it one of the most effective skin tightening substances around. It has been used by many traditional practitioners for years as a general “heal all” remedy. It contains certain proteins that have active amino acids which attract red blood cells to the surface of the skin pulling and tightening skin in the process, some have even complained that using Pascalite Clay as a treatment can even be painful as it tightens that well. Another great thing about Pascalite Clay is that it is deep acting meaning it does not only tighten the surface of the skin rather it goes all the way to the hypodermic layers and acts on it. You should aim to use the clay on the whole butt area at least 3 times a week leaving it to dry fully before removing it. The skin will feel tight after the application so be careful.

On the other hand if you’re looking simply for a non-invasive butt lift, you can use the above mentioned Pascalite Clay on the upper but region but in less frequent intervals, at most once a week. This is to save you from ending up with too perky a butt and not liking the results, rather with this slower approach you can access how much tightening you would like without it going over the amount you desire.

Because this treatment is mostly to do with the epidermis, other more conventional methods can also be used to tighten the skin on the upper butt area to lift the butt. You can start by applying sea salt solution to the upper butt area along with vinegar; this home remedy is only temporary and works by absorbing excess liquid in the area thus tightening the skin.

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