Butt Exercise Mini Series - Pascalite Clay
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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Pascalite Clay

Pascalite clay’s active ingredient is a rare calcium bentonite, formed in the earth some thirty million years ago. Over the centuries, it captured the calcium from that limestone formation, and many other active minerals in trace amounts migrated into it –manganese, cobalt, copper, etc…

The many users of Pascalite have reported many dramatic health enhancing results from this newly found beneficial substance. Pascalite was used mainly as an anti-bacterial ointment however it was eventually found to promote the tightening of skin. Technically, Pascalite is a calcium-based bentonite. Pascalite is believed to not only remove toxins from the body but also to build up the immune system. It is thus possible – perhaps even probable – that this combination may reduce the body’s sensitivity to toxins and other harmful agents.

Pascalite is normally hand mined underground in small mines, and then dried under the sun preserve its antibiotic qualities. It is then turned into powder to make it readily usable for both internal and external purposes. Pascalite should not be mistaken for ordinary clays such as bentonite, Jordan clay or French green clay. Though listed as a calcium bentonite, a few studies have hinted it may have and element that is as-yet-unidentified material outside the scope of present knowledge and chemistry. Dr Walter Bennett, Ph.D., who investigated it in depth, stated it correctly being “a very mysterious substance”.

A research group that was given the opportunity to study Pascalite gives a possible explanation as to why Pascalite differs from other types of clay. It lies relatively near the certain fault line areas very rich in in-organic minerals, some minerals which are extremely hard to mine normally.

Pascalite comes in powder, tablets, and capsules. Pascalite is used in soap and toothpaste, applied as a poultice to insect bites, sunburns, infections, cold sores, canker sores and acne, and as a suppository for hemorrhoids. Users historically found it a potent skin cleanser and conditioner, drank it for heartburn and ulcers. One neglected mineral in Pascalite, lately recognized as vital to living tissue, is a derivative of silica. It is found in Pascalite as silicate and silicones. In the body silica occurs as collagen, a connective tissue covering the brain, spinal cord, and the nerve systems and more importantly skin. It is an essential part of hair, skin and nails which enables Pascalite to benefit to skin so much.

Pascalite has many other uses including skin beautification and treatment, many beauticians state it has no equal as a facial conditioner and cleaner. In addition to its other abilities, Pascalite has been shown to be a relatively strong anesthetic. Many users have reported almost immediate cessation of pain following its application in paste form to the areas in wound areas.

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Butt Exercise Mini Series – Pascalite Clay
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