Can You Get A Burpless Fish Oil Supplement

Can You Get A Burpless Fish Oil Supplement?

Fishy burps. It’s one of the most common complaints of people who regularly take fish oil supplements.

And one of the most common questions is whether you can get burp-less fish oil supplements.

If you haven’t experienced fishy burps yet then you may be taking good quality fish oil supplements, because no one should be experiencing fishy burps, and if they are then it’s directly related to the quality of the oil in their supplement. The best fish oil supplements never causes this problem.

If you haven’t experienced them, fishy burps are an unpleasant fishy taste which you get shortly after taking fish oil supplements. You get a slight fishy taste in the mouth, and it’s not particularly pleasant.

Not all fish oil supplements will cause fishy burps, in fact if the ones that you’re using do cause them then it’s a good indication it’s time to look for another brand.

That’s because the sensation of fishy burps is caused by old fish oil in the capsules, in other words it has gone off, or gone rancid.

I’ve been taking a brand of quality fish oil supplements for many years, and have never experienced fishy burps. You could say that these fish oil capsules are burp-less, but they aren’t intended that way. They simply use high quality, and fresh, fish oil in the capsules.

Like anything else fish oil will go off if you leave it too long and store it in the wrong conditions. And if the contents of the capsules that you are taking have gone off then those burps are the result.

So rather than looking for burp-less fish oil capsules just look for a high quality brand of capsules using fresh oil.

Some companies even mask the problem by using a coating on the capsule which allows it to travel through the stomach and dissolve in the intestine. No matter how rancid the oil if it is only released in the intestine there will be no nasty burps. But all this does is mask the fact that the oil is not fresh.So make sure you do some significant investigation before buying your fish oil capsules, do your research.

Can You Get A Burpless Fish Oil Supplement?
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