Candidiasis – Is Yeast Wreaking Havoc in Your Digestive System?
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Candidiasis – Is Yeast Wreaking Havoc in Your Digestive System?

In this article we will look at some of the signs that a body may be suffering from candida or candidiasis, an overgrowth of yeast in the body that often stems from dietary sugars and that can produce numerous ill effects to a person’s health.

Experiencing fatigue frequently may be one signal that the body is suffering from overgrowth of yeast called candida. Of course unless a physician has ruled out the many other causes for lack of energy or other symptoms such as digestive problems pointing the finger at candidiasis is premature.

Diagnosis aside though future generations may look back on the amounts of sugary foods many of us eat today and realize that people in many industrialized nations during the late 20th and early 21st centuries commonly suffered from unhealthy levels of yeast byproducts in their blood and digestive system for years at a time. If a bigger problem with dietary habits is in question then it could be beneficial for a greater awareness to exist about candida and the effects it can have on the body.

When a body accumulates an over development of some forms of fungal organisms in its digestive system the toxic by-products, acetaldehyde in the case of candida and other yeast, can cause cellular damage and can throw various body functions out of their normal balance. The pH balance which is critical to the normal functioning of so many areas of the body including the blood affects candida by either aiding its survival and growth when the body is too acidic or harming it when pH is a higher number and thus the body more alkaline.

The vicious cycle is fed in the body when candida causes a person to have a craving for sugary foods which in turn raise the acidity of the body and encourage candida to thrive. This cycle is self perpetuating in this sense and tends to make the health effects of candida more extreme as time passes. Feeling tired is just one of the manners in which people feel the ill effects of candida in their bodies. Others include such things as pain in muscles or joints, digestive problems that mirror such conditions as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), increases in body weight, and others.

It’s important to be aware that candidiasis which is also referred to as yeast infection produces many different symptoms depending on age, gender, location in the body, and severity.

If your physician believes that you are suffering from candidiasis in your digestive organs it is likely you will be given a great deal of instruction regarding how your diet should change and medication or special foods may be required by your doctor. The most important thing that a person can do once this happens is to realize that eliminating candida from the digestive system may involve some gradual and unpleasant side effects. Discuss them with a physician and be sure to follow up regularly if you feel they’re more sever than you expected.

Remember that isn’t meant to replace the advice or care of trained medical professionals. This site is meant to provide information that may assist interested readers and inspire helpful discussions between them. If you are researching this condition because you or someone you care for may have it right now please see a physician as soon as possible.

Candidiasis – Is Yeast Wreaking Havoc in Your Digestive System?
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