Caralluma Actives

Caralluma Actives

Caralluma Actives – Does It Really Work For Weight Loss?

In this article, we’ll discuss how Caralluma Fimbriata works, the clinical studies done in accordance with it’s weight loss properties, where this plant-based extract comes from, and we’ll also hear what a famous doctor has to say about this natural extract.

Due to all the publicity surrounding Caralluma super supplements, people are looking for Caralluma Actives reviews and reading comments on weight loss forums to see if Caralluma really works, or if it’s similar to the Hoodia scam that exploited consumers.

Note: Just to clarify, pure Hoodia is actually effective, but it is not possible to buy a pure Hoodia product. That is another story, which we’ll elaborate on further down.

Caralluma Fimbriata extract is actually a very beneficial weight loss aid, but with publicity also comes cheap, low-grade extract supplements that saturate the market, and these are what consumers have to look out for – and avoid.

Based on our reviews and research, there are now several brands of Caralluma extract available to purchase; some are good and others are not. One that surfaced as a quality product is also protected by a U.S. patent and is manufactured by a long-time respected leader in the health supplement industry.

That one is Caralluma Actives which is also backed by a very generous money-back guarantee, which we’ve not found in any other product.

We’ve read many positive reviews from users of Caralluma Actives, but have also read other mixed reviews, where some people had not experienced as much fat loss as they had hoped for, so like everything else, nothing works for everyone 100% of the time.

Still, in reading Caralluma Actives reviews, some other people experienced significant weight loss and a couple of users commented that actual cellulite had decreased, so it definitely shows promise for the majority.

One thing that stands out about Caralluma Actives is it’s safety record. Caralluma Fimbriata is one of the super supplements derived from an all-natural extract that has been used for centuries – especially in India. Safety is one thing everyone should strive for in choosing a diet aid, as many over-the-counter products contain dangerous stimulants that produce alarming side effects.

Upon further research, we discovered that during the clinical trials done on the patented extract found in Caralluma Actives, the trials observed the following:

  • Significant reduction in hunger levels
  • Increase of lean muscle
  • Reduction of total body fat
  • Reduction of thigh fat
  • Reduction of hip fat
  • Reduction in weight circumference
  • Overall reduction in total body weight
  • anti-cellulite effects

Caralluma Actives Ingredients

The clinical trials were performed specifically on the caralluma fimbriata extract found in Caralluma Actives, which is patented for its unique process of retaining a pure extract of high potency.

The patented caralluma extract, called Slimaluma, is produced by an advanced extraction method that preserves the complete chemical composition and plant properties, ensuring high potency, and effectiveness, making it the only caralluma extract worth buying.

This is the only ingredient found in Caralluma Actives and 1 capsule contains 500mg of pure Slimaluma – not 50mg or 100mg of caralluma mixed with useless fillers, as we’ve seen in some other products out there.

As for safety, we cannot find any negative caralluma fimbriata side effects anywhere, except for the side effects of more energy and a decrease in appetite.

While researching Caralluma Actives reviews, we noted that actual product users commented on forums about having higher energy levels, but no jittery feelings, like those that come from having too much caffeine. There is no caffeine in Caralluma Actives and nothing else, either; just the pure Slimaluma extract and that’s it.

This is one of the super supplements that gets our approval, just for the safety alone. Traditional Indian Ayurvedic practitioners have been using Caralluma Fimbriata safely for centuries, with no reports of any negative side effects of using this natural herbal extract.

Additionally, Gencor Pacific conducted three separate toxicology studies on Slimaluma and the product was proven to be very safe, as well as effective.

What a Popular Anti-Aging Doctor Says About Caralluma Fimbriata – The Ingredient In Caralluma Actives

How Caralluma Actives Works

Controlling food intake is one of the biggest problems people have when trying to lose weight. This can be for many reasons, but one of those reasons is if you’ve over-eaten on a regular basis, your stomach actually stretches – a fact that Dr. Oz has made public on his popular daytime TV show.

In fact, your stomach stretches just after eating one large meal, such as a Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner, so imagine what size your stomach is after many such meals. This is where a good appetite suppressant comes in.

In such a situation, if you need to reduce food intake you’ll end up being hungry because your stomach is stretched and it physically requires more food to satisfy hunger. A good natural appetite suppressant will stop those hunger pangs and you’ll be able to shrink your stomach back to it’s normal size after a time.

So a high quality, natural appetite suppressant such as Caralluma Actives can really help to get you back into shape by stopping those hunger pangs that sabotage every diet; in addition to it’s other benefits such as increasing lean muscle, reducing overall body fat, and increasing energy levels.

Next, we’ll take a look at where Caralluma Fimbriata comes from, more details on how exactly it works, and why it is so different from another formerly popular appetite suppressant that scammed consumers to the tune of billions of dollars.

History of The Caralluma Actives Cactus & The Hoodia Scam That Fooled Millions

The Genus, Caralluma, is a succulent in the cactus family with slightly over one hundred species – Caralluma Fimbriata being one of those species. The various species of Caralluma are found in parts of Africa, Arabia, Pakistan, Spain, and India.

The native people of these countries traditionally use this cactus regularly, but it also helps them during times of food scarcity, as they long-ago discovered that it increased endurance and stopped hunger so it is often called “the famine food.”

The species Caralluma Fimbriata, is a succulent found in abundance throughout India. It is gathered and consumed in a variety of ways: eaten raw, cooked as a vegetable, and used in making preserves such as relish, chutney, and curries.

Most of the time it is eaten raw due to it’s succulent quality, which provides much needed water for the native people of these desert countries. The raw cactus vegetable is also easy to carry while hunting and walking for long hours and empowers the natives with energy and endurance.

The phytochemical properties of Caralluma Fimbriata contain compounds known as glycosides, saponins, and bitter Principles.

These plant compounds block certain enzyme activities, which in turn cause the burning of current fat reserves while blocking any additional fat storage. As well, Caralluma Fimbriata affects the appetite control mechanism of the brain, signalling that you are full, or just not hungry.

Worldwide focus on reducing food intake in our obese-dominated nations have prompted the discovery of natural plant extracts used in other countries.

So, even though Caralluma Fimbriata has been used for centuries by the native people in India and other countries, it’s benefits for reducing appetite and hunger and increasing endurance have only recently been realized in North America.

The Other Natural Appetite Suppressant

One other popular natural appetite suppressant – also a succulent cactus plant – that first made headlines was Hoodia Gordonii, but there was a problem. Many people who used Hoodia supplements did not derive any of the supposed benefits it had. And why is this?

We found the answer to this on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s website. Here’s a direct quote from an article there: “The drug has become so popular in the United States that more Hoodia has been sold here in the last year than has ever been produced in African countries.”

And to quote from a video on Dr. Oz’s website, his friend Dr. Michael Roizen stated: “in one year, the amount of hoodia sold in the United States was 10 times the total production of hoodia in the world’s entire history.”

What this means is that it is not possible to produce 1 part of Hoodia, then turn around and sell 10 parts of it. Especially when the 1 part represents world production and the 10 parts represents the amount sold in the U.S. in only one year!

So it is next to impossible to find a pure Hoodia supplement anywhere – they are all produced with fillers. No wonder those supplements didn’t work. Consumers were sold useless Hoodia pills at high prices, to the tune of millions of dollars.

Hoodia used by native Africans is actually very effective, but the plants are not in enough abundance to be produced for global consumption, unless, they are mixed with fillers.

To get a pure Hoodia product you would have to travel directly to Africa and acquire the plants yourself. And that would be a tough job since many hoodia species there are protected plants; they are not to be picked. So we know that Africa cannot possibly produce enough of the plant for the weight loss industry.

This, however, is not the story with Caralluma Fimbriata, as it grows wild in abundance and is very plentiful. And the caralluma extract known as Slimaluma has actually undergone testing and clinical trials, with purity and potency being guaranteed, making it one of the best super supplements on the market.

When you buy Caralluma Actives, you know you are getting a guaranteed product of purity and made by a highly reputable company in the health supplement industry.


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