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He may not be Michael Phelps but he does love swimming enough to make it part of the Carson Wentz workout routine during off-season training.

Carson Wentz Workout - 3There’s little doubt that Carson Wentz had a great season in 2017, or at least he did up until Week 14! He played a huge role in setting up the Philadelphia Eagles for their eventual trip to Super Bowl LII. At the time he had to bow out of the competition in Week 14 due to an ACL injury, the Eagles were sitting pretty with an 11 – 2 win / loss record. And Carson himself was well on target to take out the MVP award for the year.

Whilst Carson was thrilled for his teammates when they went all the way, even without him, it’s nevertheless pretty tough having to sit on the sidelines. After all, playing in a Super Bowl at least once during their playing career is something most footballers aspire to. And whilst sitting on the sidelines watching them play, and win, is the next best thing, it still isn’t really the same.

Carson Wentz Workout Routine Designed To Get Him Safely To Super Bowl

Carson Wentz Workout - 2The experience has taught Carson that it’s not something he particularly wants to repeat. He therefore approached his rehab during the off-season with care. Hence the swimming. As Carson pointed out, swimming is very kind on joints. The bonus is it’s also an excellent cardio workout. Not to mention the way it really gives the upper body a thorough working over. There’s a reason swimmers are often built like mini weight lifters! Carson believes this is an ideal way to strengthen his shoulders, an important piece of equipment when you’re a quarterback.

When he’s not nursing an injury, Carson likes to go all out in his workouts. Total body workouts are his favorite. Done quickly and all in one go rather than spaced out over longer periods. If he can get it all done in less than an hour rather than spaced out over a couple of hours, that’s his preference. His workouts also include plenty of cardio. We’ve already mentioned the swimming but he also runs, practices throwing, and does upper and lower body lifts.

Building Functionality With A Carson Wentz Workout

Ultimately for Carson Wentz workout routines these days are more about functionality than building strength. He feels he’s already where he needs to be from a strength perspective so he focuses on ensuring his core is strong and balanced. And that he can capably perform the range of movements he needs during a game. He also can’t function particularly well without music as it turns out! It was music that got him through his tough rehabilitation. Whenever he felt his enthusiasm waning, he’d crank up some motivational music and get himself going again.

We have discovered that Carson Wentz Workout Supplements (as we like to refer to them) are entirely legal. There is nothing sinister about them whatsoever.

Sure, Carson Wentz does work out like anything but it’s this secret addition to his daily diet that appears to be assisting him with maintaining the power and strength he needs to remain at the top of his game. Here is the account of our findings ….

To be continued …

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