Losing Weight After Pregnancy
Pregnancy Weight Loss

How pregnant celebrities shed weight after giving birth

It goes without saying that with pregnancy comes added body fat, an unavoidable fact indeed. What can be controlled however, is how long the added weight has to last. Many people, women especially, get awed by the speed with which numerous celebrities shed weight. Its no simple task but they have proven over and over that it can be done. Here’s a look at what various celebrities did when their turn came.

Halle Berry lost 35 pounds by eating small amounts of food throughout the day, avoiding fatty meals and taking lots of soup and vegetables. She worked out until she was 7 months pregnant and soon after birthing she resumed exercising by doing yoga, cardio exercises, stretching, squats and lunges.

Kate Hudson lost 60 pounds in 4 months by working out 2-3 hrs a day , 6 days a week, and just like Halle Berry ate many scattered meals throughout the day, to increase her body metabolism.

Jennifer Lopez lost 50 pounds after delivering her twins. She started with walking exercises in the first months but then, astonishingly, 7 months after birth, she started training for a triathlon which included a 4-mile run, half-mile swim and 14 mile bike race. She would do 1-2 hr work-outs 5 days a week with a lot of running involved.

Victoria Beckham swears by exercise, she worked out 6 days a week and ran a lot.

Beyonce who just had her daughter Blue Ivy had to lose 60 pounds before getting back on stage. She did a lot of exercise, ate plenty of veggies and avoided carbs.

Heidi Klum ate small balanced-diet meals every three hours and did a lot of cardio exercises.
Christina Aquilera started working out six weeks after the birth of her first child, she lost 18 kgs through cardio exercises five days a week incorporating sit ups and crunches. Just like Beyonce, she spent quite a lot of time on the treadmill.

Kim Kardashian too lost her baby weight almost overnight. She used the famous Atkins diet to lose more than 60 pounds and regain her curvy figure. She admits it was tough but worth the results.

Kate Middleton on the other hand lost her baby fat by exercising, she did not use a prescribed diet but avoided snacking on any junk and within a few month regained her petite figure.

Extra tips:
– make time for exercise, schedule it in your daily tasks, don’t make an assumption that you will just find time for it.
– watch your calories.
– switch up the exercises, don’t let your body get complacent, go from swimming and yoga to running, squats, lunges and so forth
– Above all, stay focused and stick it through to the end.

Looking at the stories of the celebs, a repeat pattern starts to emerge of what it really entails to loose weight quickly after child birth. The scripts read the same story in many instances: plenty of exercise, 1-2 hours a day for 5-6 days and several small meals throughout the day containing lean proteins and vegetables. Of course the celebs have the resources to pay personal trainers and lots of time to work out since they do not have 9-5 jobs. However, now that you now know what they do, you can now structure your own work-out and/or diet plan to fit you.

All the best of luck in shedding that baby fat!

How pregnant celebrities shed weight after giving birth
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