Celebrity Fitness Secrets From Victoria’s Secret Models

Celebrity Fitness Secrets From Victoria’s Secret Models

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Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima are not just Victoria’s Secret Angels, they also have another roll in common. They all share the roll of being mothers! And not just that, but these hot mamas also all share the know how on slimming down post pregnancy. They look amazing when they model, even a mere 2 months after giving birth! While this may sound supernatural, if you follow their tips it may help you reach your post pregnancy weight loss goals as well! Try them out to see which celebrity fitness secrets work best for you.

These 4 amazing women are pros at juggling motherhood and modeling. But what can we learn from them? Here are some of their Hollywood fitness secrets for getting back in shape after a baby.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr bounced back fast after giving birth to her son Flynn! Here is how she did it:

Diet Tips: Miranda’s diet includes some exotic staples. She consumes noni juice, organic coconut oil, avocados and quinoa. She also keeps her body at its healthiest by eating acai powder, chai seeds, raw cacao and maca. Miranda vouches that these super foods provide the nutrients she needs to give her an energy boost. And with a little one to keep up with we need all the energy we can get right? Miranda’s top diet picks promote healthy skin, as avocado and noni juice is renowned for its anti aging abilities. Avocados are high in vitamin E, which is a staple in anti aging creams.

Fitness Tips: Miranda keeps her fitness routine by doing pilates and yoga. She does resistance and strength training as well. She gives her self some room for fun by dancing ballet as a form of exercise. Miranda also jogs frequently and walks a lot when she is going from place to place.

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is the beautiful mother of two children, Valentina and Sienna. Despite that fact, she did not let that keep her from getting back into shape.

Diet Tips: Adriana Lima received back lash from concerned fans when she revealed her diet plan. She claims to cut off all solid foods before any big modeling show. She says that she only ingests liquids the few days prior to the show. She says that 12 hours before any show she does not drink anything, not even water. This type of diet is extreme and not something you should try. On a regular basis she does not follow measures that are that drastic. Her regular diet is based off of the paleo diet.

Fitness Tips: Adriana works out with a personal trainer 3 times a week. She performs kick boxing and it has helped her reach her ideal body. Celebrity fitness secrets often involve personal trainers, but with the amount of technology and free workout videos on line, you can still get your ideal body without paying a trainer.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra is now a mother of two! She keeps her body hot by hanging with a personal trainer, but you can easily follow his tips because he now has his own workout DVD!

Diet Tips: Alessandra is a self proclaimed foodie, so diet is not really in her vocabulary! She eats whatever she wants, but we can obviously tell by her figure that she practices moderation. She likes Japanese foods and indulges with s’mores.

Fitness Tips: Alessandra works out with the famed creator of the Brazil Butt Lift Workout series, Leandro Carvalho. She gives him credit for the way her legs and butt look so toned on the runway. Not only does she practice the Brazilian Butt Lift, she also practices Brazilian capoeira. All of this keeps her toned, but to further the toning, and to create leaner muscles she uses ankle weights.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, 40, is the mother of 4 children. She wowed the world when she hit the Victoria’s secret runway a mere 2 months after giving birth to her youngest son.

Diet Tips: Heidi avoids foods that cause bloating. She restricts dairy items, and even fruits. This is not recommended on a long term scale, fruits are part of a healthy diet. She does not eat refined carbs, like white breads and sugars. She avoids high glycemic foods, which is a good idea since high glycemic foods cause premature aging. To anti age your body, avoid high glycemic foods like Heidi. Heidi eats lean proteins and is a fan of protein shakes.

Fitness Tips: Heidi’s celebrity fitness secrets include yoga and strength training. She does this every morning, and she does 45 minutes in the afternoons.

Celebrity fitness secrets can seem drastic, but some of them are actually healthy for long term plans! Alessandra practices moderation and Miranda intakes super foods. Heidi relies on lean proteins and Adriana turns to the paleo diet. All in all, these girls take their figures seriously. While it is never recommended to lose post baby weight as fast as you can, we can all take a few tips from these mamas who need to keep their form in shape. They all have their own unique plan that works for them, so you are sure to find the right health plan that work for you.

Celebrity Fitness Secrets From Victoria’s Secret Models
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