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Chest Exercises for Men: Get Your V Shape Back

One of the top areas that men focus on building is the chest, and several specific chest exercises for men can help you develop this stubborn area. Having a well-developed chest makes your body look proportionately larger with a “V” shape that minimizes other areas that tend to affect hardgainers. Working on your chest doesn’t necessarily require a lot of time but it does require intensity that pushes the muscles to, and past, their limits. Hitting the chest hard also triggers your body to both repair and increase muscles, to enable them to withstand the next workout. You have to be willing to endure pain in order to see gains in the chest, but the effort is worth it.

Obliques Exercises
One of the best chest exercises for men are the obliques exercises. No guy wants to have a muffin top that hangs over the belt and the obliques, which lie on the sides of your waist, are often ignored. In reality, toning these smaller muscles up can reduce the fat lying on top and make your chest look proportionately larger. Any torsion movement that forces your lower torso to move both sideways and upwards towards your chest helps to increase the density of the obliques. Don’t worry about the extra muscle mass in the obliques causing a pseudo-muffin top, because these muscles were not made to be big. Using obliques exercises also helps to tone your core, allowing you to decrease the risk of injury when performing tougher movements.

Main Chest Workout
After you’ve incorporated obliques exercises into your routine, it’s time to hit the chest workout. The two main factors in an effective, muscle growing chest workout are intensity and form. Chest muscles are, by nature, lazier than other muscle groups. They’ve gotten off easy because once they’re relatively developed, you don’t need to worry about them as much. As a result, the rest of your body quickly surpasses the development in your chest, causing you to look asymmetrical. You don’t need fancy machines for a great chest workout. Instead, stick to the basics of muscle building, including pushups, dips, bench flies and bench presses. Use free weights for most of your chest workout, for additional core training and push your reps just past the limits of your ability, using a spotter and a couple of cheat sets to encourage more muscle growth.

Using The Ab Lounge To Build Your Chest
The Ab Lounge is an easy to use, but surprisingly challenging home exercise machine that doesn’t take up a lot of your time or your space. Much like obliques exercises, working on your abs helps to decrease the accumulated fat around your midsection that can cause your chest to appear smaller. Like the chest, the abs require a tougher workout in order to respond and the Ab Lounge allows you to challenge these muscles in a way that you can make aerobic for more fat burning. The basic form of the Ab Lounge is a “jack knife” motion, in which you bring your knees towards your head while concentrating your effort on tightening your abdominal muscles. By performing the exercise repetitively and raising your heart rate, you can use the Ab Lounge to increase your metabolism and burn fat faster.

The Bottom Line
Chest exercises for men don’t require costly equipment or hours wasted at the gym. Instead, a workout that encompasses core muscle groups including the obliques and abs and performing all exercises in a way that challenges your muscles is the best way to make them respond. You can perform chest exercises for men in the privacy of your home, since all you need is a weight bench and a few free weights. In addition, adding an Ab Lounge can enhance your gains and round out your chest development by decreasing fat around areas that can make you look disproportionate. For additional fat burning, perform any exercise in a way that raises your heart rate for at least 15 to 20 minutes and maintain that rate for the duration of your workout.

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