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Chest Muscle Building Techniques

Chest Training

Bench PressChest Muscle Building Techniques

For mid chest. This one has to be the most common of all chest building exercises. Grip the bar so that your forearms are parallel when the bar is across your chest, this will give you maximum power to extension ratio. Sometimes performed with a slightly wider grip to increase poundages. Large breath just before lowering the bar and exhale as the bar moves back up.

Incline Bench Press

For the upper chest. The same as the standard bench press but performed on an inclined bench of between 30 and 45 degrees.

Decline Bench Press

For the lower chest. The same as the standard bench press but performed on an declined bench of between 20 and 30 degrees.

Dumb-Bell Bench Press

For mid chest. Performed on a flat bench but with dumb-bells. This allows for greater extension of the pecs due to the fact there is no bar in the way across your chest. This one also requires greater control.

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Incline / Decline Dumb-Bell Bench Press

As above but with dumb-bells. Again, this one requires more control and allows for a greater extension of the pecs.

Flat, Incline, Decline Dumb-Bell Flyes

For mid, upper and lower chest respectively. With elbows slightly bent to reduce strain, this one allows for maximum leverage on the pecs. Extend as far chest level. Particularly good for the pectoralis minor.

Pec Deck

Good for training to failure and if you are on your own because of safety. Ensure your elbows are in contact with the pads to gain maximum effect.

Strict Press Ups

Hand spacing the same as the bench press. All the way down and all the way up, using control at all times. Great for competitiveness and when you can’t gain access to any weights. To prevent wrist strain and gain extra movement in the downward movement, make your hands into a fist and use some padding on the floor or use the proper press up handles.

Chest Muscle Building Techniques
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