Chris Hemsworth Weight Loss – The Importance Of Strength Training

Chris Hemsworth Strength Training & Weight Loss

Chris Hemsworth Strength Training?  Strength training is also known as resistance or weight training and is based on the concept of building muscle strength by working with weights.  It’s something that is an integral part of the Chris Hemsworth exercise routine.

Studies have consistently shown that strength training is one of the best ways to lose weight.  It increases muscle size and strength, and builds anaerobic endurance.  Whilst serious weight lifters, and those who need to build plenty of muscle bulk, such as actors bulking up to play super heroes like Thor, will spend an hour or more working out daily.

However, for the average person just wanting to lose weight and keep their muscles honed, an hour or so once a week will get rid of more fat than you realize.

It’s well known these days that increasing functional muscle increases your resting metabolic rate.  And increasing your resting metabolic rate means that you can eat more because your body, with its higher metabolic rate, uses up more calories.

That’s how people like Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth can eat an amazing amount of food whilst they’re doing resistance training and not put on weight.  So long as your body is using more calories than you’re putting into it, you’ll lose weight.

Slow to moderate exercise burns up fat cells by oxidizing them to provide energy for working muscle cells.  These fat cells are taken from fat deposits around the body.  No one particular area will get preference over another.  However, our major fat storage areas are around our middle so it stands to reason that this is the area where you’ll notice the biggest difference.

How Anaerobic Exercise Works To Reduce Body Fat

One of the best fat burning anaerobic exercises is brisk walking.  Not the type of energetic stroll that you’d do for an aerobic exercise but a walk that causes you to start puffing slightly.  You can walk outdoors or you can use a treadmill.  The end results are the same.  Once you’re puffing a bit, maintain that pace for the duration of the exercise.  This will keep you burning your fat reserves.  If you start laboring for breath or go too hard then your body will switch over to using glycogen, which is produced from the carbohydrates you eat.

Chris Hemsworth Strength Training Nutrition

Chris Hemsworth Strength Training – The Importance Of Strength TrainingWhen you’re doing resistance training, you should be eating a number of small meals at regular intervals throughout the day.  This keeps your body fueled and reduces hunger.  Each meal should contain some protein to help rebuild damaged muscle tissue.  It’s also important to ensure an adequate daily intake of foods with all the essential vitamins and minerals you need.  Alternatively, you can take a supplement but remember that nature has given our food many many hundreds of constituents, a mere fraction of which have been identified and can be produced synthetically for inclusion in supplements.

Try to keep a record of how many calories you’re using and how many you’re eating each day.  This will help you avoid overeating, which will defeat the purpose of exercising.  However, it’s also important not to underdo your calorie intake.  This is where low calorie diets often fail.  When the body is not getting enough fuel it goes into survival mode, an instinctive and primitive defense mechanism to help us survive famine.  The body lower its metabolic rate and burns less fat in order to conserve energy and eke out its fat reserves.

Diet Tips For A Chris Hemsworth Strength Training Routine

  • Cut back on fats – the obvious and the hidden ones
  • Keep a record of what you eat so that you can identify the areas you need to work on. For instance, you may eat too many carbs or not enough protein.
  • Don’t crash diet or starve yourself
  • Know when you’re over eating
  • Don’t monitor your weight, monitor your body fat
  • Be realistic about losing fat and be moderate in your goals. A pound a week is healthy and achievable without causing your body undue stress.

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