Christian McCaffrey – Is He An Oddity As Running Back

Christian McCaffrey – Is He An Oddity As Running Back?

Christian McCaffrey is one remarkably talented athlete. He’s also somewhat of an oddity as an American of European descent playing in a position traditionally dominated by Americans of African descent. However, this fair skinned running back could well be the exception that proves the rule. But will any team go out on a limb and become one of the very few to field a running back that is not African American? Even though pundits believe he will go down on the records as one of the best college football players ever?

Christian McCaffreyThe Stanford Cardinals star running back proved at the recent 2017 NFL Combine that he has the talent, the versatility and the sheer athletic ability to match it with the best of them and then some. He out ran, out jumped, out drilled and out coned the other running backs to top the charts in most of the athletic drills. And his passing and running drills were mighty impressive as well.

In fact, about the only thing he struggled with was the strength and conditioning section, managing only 10 presses of the 225 pound weight. But in the opinion of most onlookers, he more than made up for it in all other areas and for some, he was indeed the standout running back at the Combine. Sure, he might not be as compact as some of the other running backs, nor is he a tank of a guy but he’s also no lightweight at 202 pounds and standing 5’11” tall!

Importantly for a running back, McCaffrey also has the right attitude to the game. He lives, breathes, eats and sleeps football and is on record as saying that he’ll do whatever is required of him, in whatever position he’s put into, for his team.

His off-field character is every bit as impressive as his on-field one too. And that’s becoming increasingly important in a world where those in the spotlight are often mercilessly scrutinized with every mistake and misdemeanour exposed to the public glare.

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To be continued …

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