Clay Matthews Supplements – Did They Help Him Become The Predator

Clay Matthews Supplements? Here’s what we know!

Clay Matthews Supplements – Did They Help Him Become The Predator?

William Clay Matthews III is a 3rd generation footballers in a family football dynasty.  His father is Clay Matthews Jr and his grandfather is Clay Matthews Sr.  Hence the 3rd after his name. You could almost say therefore from his genetics that he had little choice in the matter but to become a footballer.

Clay Matthews supplementsThat being the case, it’s surprising then that Clay Matthews III had to do things the tough way with respect to his football career.

A late bloomer, he struggled to attract a college scholarship offer and ended up attending the University of Southern California as a “walk on” student.  Consequently throughout his first season at USC he played on the scout team and other special teams.

The following year he made it to reserve linebacker on the University team, a position he maintained for the next 2 years.

So how did a player who could not even attract a football scholarship in college because of his lack of stature, turn into one of the most powerful linebackers in the NFL today?

The answer lies in part with the off-season conditioning and weight training he committed himself to.  This helped to not only build up his strength and stamina but also paid off in terms of his college football career.  Importantly, it also set up the discipline and routines that have stood him in good stead since turning pro.  The Clay Matthews of today certainly bears little resemblance to the Clay Matthews of his college years.

Today Clay Matthews is known by moniker of “the Predator.”  He’s one of the best linebackers in NFL history and the linebacker other linebackers fear.  He’s also regrettably been named in a documentary about athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs but all charges against him were dropped after the NFL could not find any ‘credible evidence’.

It’s likely the PED’s the documentary was referring to are none other than the (what we like to call them) “Clay Matthews supplements”, an all-natural muscle building supplement stack.  Used by guys everywhere, these supplements are renowned for burning fat and building lean muscle fast.

To be continued …

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