The Colin Kaepernick Supplements everybody is talking about

The Colin Kaepernick Supplements everybody is talking about

Here’s The TRUTH About The Colin Kaepernick Supplements

Colin Kaepernick is one of those freakish people who just excel at sports.  Whilst still just a high school student he was nominated for all-state teams in 3 sports – baseball, basketball and football.

He could have gone on to make a professional career out of any 3 of them; he had several offers of scholarships in baseball where he was a noted pitcher.  However, football was the one he wanted to pursue and ironically, probably the one that he was least suited for.

Colin Kaepernick Supplements and Workout 2

In high school Colin Kaepernick was almost 6’5” tall but weighed in at only 170 pounds.  So he had the height right but top-flight football players invariably also need plenty of muscle bulk, power and weight behind them, which he lacked.

His weight in fact was a ‘handicap’ that kept him away from running the ball because his coaches didn’t want him getting hurt.  He also didn’t have particularly good throwing mechanics, even though he was a noted baseball pitcher and had a very strong arm.

It’s quite remarkable therefore that he was able to develop the muscle structure, put on the required weight and master his throwing technique to become one of the best NFL Quarterbacks in recent history.

We were keen to find out how he did it and were lucky enough to catch up with him recently. He told us that he always knew he faced an uphill battle to realize his dreams of playing pro-football because of his lack of weight.

“I’ve always been fast, faster than most everyone else I knew and obviously I’ve always been tall too.  But my weight and size …….  Those were the things I knew I really had to work hard on to get right.  Luckily I found just what I needed with a couple of supplements I’ve been taking so I pretty much owe my current career to them.”

Naturally we were eager to know just what those Colin Kaepernick supplements were and when he told us, we were blown away by their simplicity and naturalness.

So we compiled a report about them to help others who want to put on lean muscle and weight without adding excess body fat to go with it.

So are there “Colin Kaepernick Supplements”?

Colin Kaepernick Supplements and Workout 1Well, it turns out that these (what we like to call them) Colin Kaepernick supplements are all perfectly legal and nothing sinister at all!  However it does give those taking it a bit of an ‘unfair’ advantage. It allows them to build up lean powerful muscle and shed excess fat like lightening.

Colin Kaepernick works out like crazy. We think it’s this secret addition to his daily diet that is helping him. This way he maintains the power and strength he needs to remain at the top of his game. Here is our report on our findings….

To be continued …

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