Combination Skin
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Combination Skin

Most people who have combination skin have an oily T-zone, and dry cheeks. Lots of people go through sporadic breakouts and oversized pores, particularly on the nose and forehead.

Many people’s major problem is deciding what kind of skin care products to use. Most people buy products designed for oily skin thinking that since they have breakouts, they have to have oily skin. This often results in dry, flaking skin and nothing but frustration. People with combination skin need oil regulated in some areas and moisture in others, in order to have healthy skin.

Taking care of combination skin is a challenge for most, but it is feasible. Here are some tips on how to take care of your combination skin.

Maintaining clean skin is the most important step in combating this. Stay away from soaps or cleansers that contain perfume or dye, because these can cause skin irritations. Also, do not use products that are meant only for overly oily skin, as this is not good for the dry parts of your skin. Find a mild cleanser and use it 2x a day, three times if you can manage it. Some experts disagree on whether or not to use a toner in your skin regimen. However, toner is beneficial in removing any residues left by the cleanser and it does feel refreshing on your skin. If you’re used to using a toner, there is no need to stop as long as it does not contain alcohol. This can severely dry out your skin and you should not use products containing it.

Always moisturize after washing your face. Try moisturizers that are designed for combination skin, or just normal or oily. See what works. Using a moisturizer will help even out the oil in your skin, as well as keep it hydrated.

Lastly, always take your makeup off before going to sleep. Sleeping with your makeup on will clog your pores and create an area that will cultivate pimples and black heads. Even if you’re exhausted or got home late, always make a routine of taking off your makeup.

Dealing with combination skin is tedious and takes time, because you are treating two different types of skin at the same time. Some skin is oily, and some is dry. The appearance of your forehead, nose and chin (T-Zone) may not be even. Your T-Zone will look shiny and oily. Other areas of your skin are dry. In some cases, it may be the opposite. It also tends to have bad reactions to soap and water. If you suffer from combination skin, follow the recommended skincare regimes for dry and oily skin. It is tough, costly (you need a few extra products than having one skin type) and takes time, but your skin will look much better in the end.

Combination Skin
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