Conquering Your Cravings
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Conquering Your Cravings

With every diet, whether it is to lose weight or just to live a healthy lifestyle, keeping discipline separates success from failure. Since most diets do inevitably fail, the main culprit is our cravings. We all have our weaknesses; this isn’t a bad thing. But the key to surviving a diet is to prevent yourself from giving into these desires. Here are some tips that anyone can use to help kick bad eating habits to the curb.

Get out your checkbook

If you have a weakness for sweets, specifically chocolate, you may find that you have a tendency to gorge on chocolate; you don’t have the ability to stop eating it. This may be a result of buying cheap, store-brand chocolates. These are usually not high quality cocoa, so you are more likely to want to eat more in one sitting, just so that you can finally get that taste satisfaction you so desperately want.

Instead of buying a bunch of one dollar chocolates, why not splurge on gourmet, rich and full-flavored chocolates for a $5 or so. This way, you’ll get your full chocolate craving on less chocolate and probably less money in the long run. Think about it; you will end up spending more money on cheap chocolates (since you’re eating more of it) than expensive gourmet style (which you’ll buy less of). As my mother always said, I’m too poor to be cheap.

Keep evidence

This applies to sweets. Every time you indulge in a chocolate bar, sucking candy, bag of potato chips or a snack cake, keep the wrappers. Put them in a glass jar on your kitchen counter; this way you will keep a constant reminder of how many times you break your diet. It will also make you aware of how much junk you put in your body. In time, once the jar becomes a little full, you will be less likely to feed your jar – and yourself – any more garbage.

Add some good stuff to it

Giving into your cravings is natural, and falling off the wagon is equally common. Don’t feel bad; everyone is weak once in a while. So, instead of simply avoiding your cravings (which is impossible) add a little health food to your weak spot.

Once again, if chocolate is your weakness, have a big glass of milk to go with it. Not only is milk the ultimate compliment to chocolate you are also adding some much needed calcium to your diet. Or if pizza is what you are craving, but healthy toppings on it, like red peppers and olives.

Know you’ll give in sooner or later

You’re going to give in; admit it. You can’t avoid your cravings no matter how hard you try. The key is to keep them to a minimum. If you keep holding in your cravings, you are likely to binge later on, so why not have a little something now? It’s not bad to eat junk food; it’s bad to eat junk food a lot.

Try fitting your craving into your regular diet, giving your sweet tooth a fifth of your diet to your weakness. This way you’re still reaching your goals without sacrificing too much.

Conquering Your Cravings
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