Cranberries – Age Spot Reducer

Cranberries – Age Spot Reducer

Many people think that you should use cranberries as a possible age spot reducer. The theory here is that you create a “paste” of those cranberries and then apply it to the parts of your body where the age spots appear. Normally, this is on your hands as well as your forearms and so they suggest that you should put on this paste and next wrap your arms in plastic wrap, also known as cling wrap, before going to bed. This way, the cranberry might work overnight in reducing the appearance?

Causes Of Age Spots

So why do you get age spots in any case and is there something that you can do to avoid it? On one side, it’s depressing that this degeneration of the skin happens as we age and the deterioration pertains to our actions in our younger years, however it is additionally a consequence of our skin reacting to our typically lousy lifestyle. Are you eating a well-balanced and wise diet these days? Should you be, more power to you, however many years of inadequate attention to dietary choices have begun to take their toll on all your organs, including the skin.

Those sunburns you may have experienced when alongside the pool or lying on the beach caused damage to skin cells within the dermis, a layer of skin under the surface. Since damage inside the skin cells is going to be apparent as you become older, as soon as your skin cell rejuvenation begins to slow as we grow old the production of melanin is going to be affected. Particular skin cells will consequently have a different physical appearance and therefore this may lead to those darkened patches, which we all know these days as age spots.

Although much of the damage may well have been done a long time ago, you may nevertheless hurt your skin by too much exposure to UV rays nowadays. Consequently, you need to steer clear of direct exposure to the sun any time outdoors and should think about a sunscreen with an above average SPF factor.

Remember that we said chosen lifestyle has a great deal to do with it and you’ve got to balance everything out. Reduce any alcohol intake as this can dry out the skin which is never advisable and if you smoke cigarettes, do whatever you can to stop.

Think about your diet. Be sure that it’s full of vegetables and fruit and low in saturated fats. Concentrate on omega-3 fatty acids which you usually see in fatty fish, or make sure that you take a dietary supplement to make up the shortfall.

Skin care products that you select at this time are crucial. You will need a lot of antioxidants inside to help battle the free radicals and should choose products that are produced from natural ingredients. Remember the last thing you’ll want to do is to add unwanted chemicals onto your skin and those mineral oils will only seek to dry out the skin further.

A great whitening product is an acceptable age spot reducer, but support it with basic night and day creams and moisturizers that are all dependent upon natural ingredients along with a solid comprehension of what must be done to maintain, as well as fix the skin.

Cranberries – Age Spot Reducer
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