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Daily Workout Schedules

If you’re online searching for daily workout schedules, I must truly commend you!

You are well on your way to being one of the 5% of people who ever achieve their fitness goals (These are the stats in the UK anyway).

Alarming statistics, right? So why are daily workout schedules so integral to your success and how do we go about finding some decent ones?

Well, to answer your first question, the simple answer is progression.

Without daily workout schedules there can be no progression and without progression there will be no results!

What reason does your body have to change if you havn’t overloaded and progressed it beyond it’s current capacity? How will you know whether you progressed from your last workout with daily workout schedules?

You won’t…and chances are you’ll fall into that unhappy 95% who don’t achieve their goals!

So, now that we understand how important having daily workout schedules really are, where do we go about finding the best ones?

Ok, you have a few options from here

Search around for some generic, free workouts.

Ok great. You’ve found a workout and it’s free. Hold on, what was it you wanted to achieve? What body type do you have? What are your current fitness levels?

None of these questions are taken into consideration so the schedule may be all wrong for you personally. Best case scenario — You don’t achieve your result. Worst case scenario — You injure yourself!

Hire a personal trainer to keep daily workout schedules for you

Yepp, I know, this sounds like the best option and it probably is! At a cost of £40 an hour (that’s what I charge my clients) though, it’s not always going to be feasible for someone wanting to train 3-4x per week for an hour a time! This could get expensive real quickly!

Not to mention that there are some very hit and miss personal trainers out there if you’re not sure what exactly to look for!

Purchase a complete, online fitness program

Ever thought about this? No?

I certainly wish I had when I was 16 and venturing out into my first gym with dreams of being fit and athletic. I wasted about a year of my gym life without having changed my fitness or appearance one single bit.

You see the problem was, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. It certainly doesn’t help when there is so much useless information out there too.

When I educated myself was when I really started to see consistent results.

These programs address these issues and give you a blueprint to success. All you need to do is follow it. They contain nutrition plans, daily workout schedules, exercise demonstrations and a 200+ page ebook so you know exactly why and how to follow the plan.

You will also understand your body and be able make the little tweaks that personalize the program for you.

They usually go for around $77 – This is the price of a months gym membership in some places and for the one time investment you receive a lifetime of information but also, more importantly, results.

This for me is easily the best option of the three.

Daily Workout Schedules
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