Dairy Dangers - Why You Might Want to Avoid Dairy
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Dairy Dangers! Why You Might Want to Avoid Dairy

The deeper I delved into understanding natural health the more I learned about what I call “dairy dangers” or the negative health effects of consuming dairy, especially pasteurized and homogenized dairy.

Cow’s Milk is for Cows!

According to the American Association of Pediatrics, 60% of ear infections in kids under 6 years of age are induced by the consumption of cow’s milk, and I was one of these children.

For me as a child, this dairy allergy (milk allergy, lactose intolerance) didn’t stop with ear infections but lead into another health issue with my tonsils. If doctors would have realized this link, my tonsils could have been spared and not surgically removed.

Cows milk protein is also the #1 cause of iron- deficiency anemia in infants today. The Journal of Pediatric Surgery stated in 1999, “Cow’s milk-induced intestinal bleeding is a well-recognized cause of rectal bleeding in infancy. In all cases, bleeding resolved completely after instituting a cow’s milk-free diet.”

This is just the tip of the “dairy dangers” iceberg and the health issues caused by cow’s milk consumption.

Many humans don’t even carry the gene necessary to digest the sugar lactose in cow’s milk, which is also known as lactose intolerance.

Dairy Dangers - Why You Might Want to Avoid DairyThe protein casein in cow’s milk if not digested sticks to the intestinal walls and nutrients are not absorbed. (White Poison ColorLines, Shanti Rangwani, www.notmilk.com ) This is a big contributing factor to IBS, Crohn’s disease and many other nutritional deficiency illnesses.

In addition, homogenization and pasteurization change milk so much that it creates a product that is even harder for the human body to digest.

Non-organic dairy practices of injecting cows with antibiotics and hormones carries through to their milk, which in turn is passed to those who consume these dairy products. These drugs and hormones then create imbalances in the human body.

As a mom who breast-fed my child, it was easy for me to understand how chemicals and drugs could be passed through milk. This is one thing new mothers are told to watch while breast-feeding their babies.

Also, the notion that cows milk is meant for baby cows and not humans became very obvious to me. Cows are designed totally different than humans. Their stomach and digestive system is not the same as ours.

So why does it make sense that this is a fit food for human consumption?

Cows milk is intended to fatten up baby calves and human milk is perfectly designed for human babies.

Now, if I cheat and consume dairy products, my body responds immediately with mucus in my nose and throat. I’m sure my liver suffers too.

It’s in our best interest to eat a mucus free diet, so our bodies are not overwhelmed.

If we pay attention to the perfect design of nature, it becomes more obvious as to what things we should and should not be putting in our bodies.

I read an interesting concept somewhere, perhaps it was on the NotMilk site, I’ll put it in a question like this…is it natural for humans to nurse from other animals? Perhaps in that question, lies the answer to whether humans should consume the milk of other species.

There are many dairy free milk alternatives, such as rice, almond, oat and soy milks.


Dairy Dangers! Why You Might Want to Avoid Dairy
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