The Damian Lillard Workout Produces The Goods

The Damian Lillard Workout Produces The Goods

The Damian Lillard Workout Produces The Goods – Despite his known affinity for the gym, a good diet and all the latest whiz-bang exercise equipment didn’t feature very highly on Damian Lillard’s list of priorities. That is, until he saw the light at a training camp prior to the 2014/15 season.

Prior to that, he relied on his considerable natural talents and athletic abilities to earn him a reputation as one of the best up and coming points guards in the NBA.

During that camp he realized the benefits to be had from making a few changes to his eating habits and adding some additional strategies to the Damian Lillard workout routine.

Damian Lillard Workout & Supplements Produce The Goods

Exercises like step-ups with weights and lunges are now part of his regular exercise program. He also did a lot of resistance work like sled pulls and pushes and running with people hanging onto bands attached to him.

Already one of the League’s best pull-up shooters prior to camp, he came out of training camp with increased control over the ball and a stronger central core that allows him more control over his jump shots in particular. His increased fitness and agility also helped him improve his defensive skills.

Damian’s diet underwent a shake up as well that season. Now gone are the salt, the sugar, the fast food and all the bad calories. Gone too are some of his favorite foods because they didn’t fit into his new dietary regime. In their place he now eats plenty of fruit and vegetables. And when his new level of fitness and overall health kicked in and lifted his game, he admitted that the sacrifices have all been worth it.

There’s certainly nothing like a new exercise regime and a balanced, healthy diet plus a good quality supplement to bring about significant health benefits, particularly for an elite athlete of the caliber of Damian Lillard.

For the last couple of months we’ve been hearing stories about how guys in Hollywood such as Vin Diesel and Zac Efron or top NBA players like Damian Lillard have been using two insane new products to lose body fat and add some incredible muscle bulk in mere weeks. Needless to say, when word of these ‘wonder-products’ leaked out men everywhere went crazy over them and their popularity simply exploded! Understandably, our readers have also been going mad over them too and why wouldn’t they?

To be continued …

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