Does Daniel Craig Use Supplements

The Truth Behind Those Daniel Craig Supplements

Latest 007 Star – The Truth Behind Those Daniel Craig Supplements

He’s blond, British and Bond. James Bond, that is. Daniel Craig is the sixth actor to play the famous secret agent that fellow UK actor, the Scottish born Sean Connery, first made famous. In between Sean and Daniel are fellow Brits Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton, Irishman Pierce Brosnan and Australian George Lazenby.

The latest James Bond started his acting career as a stage actor in London before moving to film.  After several successful British films, including Elizabeth (about Queen Elizabeth the First) he caught the eye of the James Bond directors who signed him up to play the British super spy come secret agent upon the retirement of Pierce Brosnan from the role.

Daniel Craig Supplements - Does Daniel Craig Use SupplementsJames Bond is the epitome of slick action and an equally as slick, sophisticated appearance.  However there’s little doubt that a character like James Bond also needs to be super fit, well muscled and extremely strong to have avoided all the deaths and gotten out of all the mishaps his enemies have wished upon him.

We’ve long speculated on just how some of these actors get the type of physique and strength required to play a character like James Bond.  A physique that is well muscled without being muscle bound or over the top.

Lean but not so lean that he looks like that guy on the beach who always got sand kicked in his face.  So our staff reporter Richard Mason decided to check out how this new guy on the James Bond block prepared himself for his stint as the super secret agent.  His first port of call was ex Royal Mariner Simon Waterson, the trainer behind other hugely successful 007 stars Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry and Denise Richards.

Does Daniel Craig Use Supplements - WorkoutAccording to Waterson, he had Daniel Craig on an exercise / workout routine and nutrition plan intended to help the naturally slim actor bulk up quickly for his role as 007.  But even so, we wondered if this was all there was to the story and so we probed a bit harder.

It turns out there are some new natural supplements that, whilst pretty effective on their own, transform themselves into a pretty awesome muscle building stack when combined.  We found that these supplements are becoming popular with trainers in Hollywood, who are putting their famous clients on them.  With some pretty spectacular results in the muscle building and fat shedding department too!  So here is Richard’s report on these Daniel Craig supplements …

Are there “Daniel Craig Supplements”?

Well, it turns out that these (what we like to call them) Daniel Craig supplements are all perfectly legal and nothing sinister at all!  However it does give those taking it a bit of an ‘unfair’ advantage because it allows them to build up lean powerful muscle and shed excess fat like lightening.

Sure, Daniel Craig works out like crazy but it’s this secret addition to his daily diet that seems to be helping him maintain the power and strength he needs to remain at the top of his game. Here is our report on our findings….

To be continued …

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