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When the Houston Texans’ wide receiver posted his now famous spontaneous tweet about joining him in a DeAndre Hopkins workout he probably didn’t expect he response he got! The following morning around 50 young local athletes turned up at the assigned designation. And proceeded to be put through their paces, receiving a spot of one on one coaching from DeAndre. Plus the privilege of racing him up the hill in the park! For these kids it was probably an experience of a lifetime. For DeAndre it was about sharing how exercise and healthy living along with a good work ethic can accomplish many health objectives.

The Uniqueness Of A DeAndre Hopkins Workout

Deandre Hopkins Workout - 2Tweeting to find training partners though isn’t DeAndre’s only training idiosyncrasy. He is renowned for his uncanny ability to know exactly where the ball is in flight without turning his head to look for it. To hone his talent for doing this, he’s developed an unusual training exercise. He stands behind a goal post, eyes facing forwards, and gets someone to lob baseballs at him from along the goal line. He can see the ball leave the thrower’s hand but then it disappears from sight. Catching it depends on how successfully he can calculate the length of time it’ll take to reach him.

And speaking of catching balls, DeAndre has another rather unique attribute. His hands are huge, and he has gaps between the ends of his metacarpal bones and his proximal phalanges. Most people don’t. But in DeAndre this gap gives him additional ‘webbing’ between his fingers and turns his hands into super effective ball catching machines!

DeAndre Hopkins Workout Comes Complete With Drones

Deandre Hopkins Workout - 3A DeAndre Hopkins workout these days includes yet another innovation that has helped turn him into one of the best WR’s in the league. Drones have been around for a while now. They’re invaluable pieces of equipment in some industries. And a considerable nuisance in many other ways.

But for DeAndre they allow him to see his workouts from a unique perspective. Directly above. By having his drone automatically follow him in training he can analyse what his body is doing from all angles. And make adjustments and corrections accordingly.  Small wonder the guy is one the League’s elite performance machines! Despite the fact that he’s also usually one of the smallest, and slimmest on the field.

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To be continued …

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