Debunking the Myths About Female Bodybuilding

Debunking the Myths About Female Bodybuilding

If you are like most people, you have heard several myths and rumors when it comes to women and bodybuilding.  After reading this article, you will be able to separate some of the facts from the myths.

Myth #1 – Weight training will make you look manly and bulky.

The biggest reason this is a myth is simple because women do not produce large amounts of the male hormone testosterone as men do.  The hormones that men have help them achieve the large bulky muscles we always see men bodybuilders have.

Now you may be wondering about the huge female bodybuilders you have seen on TV.  In most cases, those women pump themselves full of proteins and steroids, which help them, grow those unnatural looking muscles.  As long as you do not focus entirely on weightlifting and but use it with your cardio routine, then weight training will simply give you the lean fit look you want.  If you feel the muscles are starting to look bulky, you can either cut back on the amount of weight you are using or stretch each muscle after working it.  Stretching causes the muscles to get a more long and lean look.

Myth #2 – Exercises will make your chest grow.

Unfortunately, this one is not true.  Your breasts are made up of mostly fatty tissue, not muscle.  Many women will often lose a little size in their chest if they are just beginning to work out again because they lose fat.  This loss is not significant enough to be a concern.  If you do chest exercises though, your chest can become perkier, which can often make your breasts feel larger.  That is because you will be building the underlying muscles behind the breasts, which gives them better support.

Myth #3 – Weightlifting makes you stiff and nonflexible.

If you use the proper technique when you exercise, your flexibility will actually increase.  The key is to use your full range of motion when you lift weights.  Also, if you stretch after weightlifting, when your muscles are warm, you will be much more flexible, and the will also make your muscles more flexible.

Myth # 4 – If you stop lifting weights your muscles will turn to fat.

Remember that muscle and fat are very different.  Muscle cannot suddenly become something it is not.  If you do not lift weights, your muscles will simply atrophy, or become weak.  But they will not become fat.

Myth #5 – Weightlifting turns fat into muscle.

This is the exact same thing.  Fat and muscle are completely different and cannot become what they are not.  Gaining muscle can help you burn fat because your metabolism increase.  As you burn fat, the ratio of fat to muscle in your body changes.  Your fat goes down and your muscles increase and get bigger.  So it looks like you have changed the fat into muscle.  But fat can never become muscle and vice versa.

Myth #6 – If you are exercising, you can eat anything you want.

This could not be further from the truth.  While you may have a little more wiggle room, if you are consuming more calories while at rest then you can burn while exercising, then ultimately you will gain weight.  People who start rumors and myths like this one are generally those people who can eat anything they want and never gain a pound anyway.  If you are trying to lose or maintain your weight, keeping a constant watch on your caloric intake and caloric burn are very important.

Myth #7 – Women just need cardio, not weights.

If you only do cardio, once you burn all of the fat, your body will start to burn muscle.  Also, if you only do cardio, you’ll be skinny, but you may not have the fit and sexy look that you want.

This does not mean that you have to hit the weights hard.  Doing light weights with a lot of reps will give you the lean, fit, sexy look that every woman wants.  If lots of reps require too much time for you, then use a weight that provides just enough challenge.  If you are using the right weight and doing about 10-15 reps, the last 2-3 reps should be rather difficult.  This means, that your muscles are working, but that you aren’t overdoing it.

Do not be scared of lifting weights and growing your muscles.  Muscles boost your metabolism, burn fat, and give you the body you have always wanted.

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