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Houston Texans star quarterback admits sour gummy worms are off the menu these days when it comes to Deshaun Watson workout nutrition. However, he does manage to sneak a few on game days and why not. A bit of sugar helps rebuild energy reserves. It’s the constant snacking on them, as he was prone to doing during his high school career, which does the harm.

Watson also spent part of the 2018 off-season training with quarterback coaching specialist Quincy Avery. Training alongside him were a couple of the nation’s hottest young college footballers. Like them, Watson was a brilliant college footballer. An electric player noted for his ability to make plays, the Texans saw in him their future. And if Texan fans have their way, this young gun will be helping the team make Super Bowl some time in the near future. They got part of the way there this season thanks to Watson’s brilliance.

Deshaun Watson Workout Turns Into Rehab Workout

Deshaun Watson Workout - 1However, an anterior cruciate ligament tear during the 2017 season put those plans on the backburner. It was also Watson’s second injury to this particular ligament. So, whilst he knew what to expect treatment and training wise, it also meant taking a hard look at why it was breaking down. Good nutrition plays a big role in helping muscles and ligaments recover correctly after the stresses and strains of high impact exercise. Like football.

Watson at that time was not particularly noted for being the world’s healthiest eater. All that may have changed though. He’d already made a few changes after turning pro. After all, what’s OK for a college footballer to live on isn’t always OK for a professional footballer. But a second ACL injury clearly meant it was time to tweak his nutrition a bit more. These days his diet is full of lean healthy proteins, plenty of leafy greens, fresh fruit, granola, and omega fatty acids. He also partners with an ‘eggy’ breakfast bowl company so that’s usually how he starts his day.

Deshaun Watson Workout Gets Him Fit To Play A Full Season

Combined with nutrition, the Deshaun Watson workout regime to rehabilitate his ACL included isolation exercises. These helped to keep other parts of his body toned and fit whilst allowing his ACL to heal. The fact that he was able to make the Texan’s pre-season training camp mid-year was proof that the regime clearly worked. He was also ably assisted by fellow teammate JJ Watt, who was out as well with a tibial plateau fracture. The pair worked closely together during rehab and spurred each other on to not only make pre-season training, but also play a full season without injury.

The reward for their commitment and hard work was taking out the AFC South title on January 6th. Unfortunately for Watts and Watson, they didn’t make it to Super Bowl LIII but there’s always next year. At least they’re both still fit to play!

As it turns out Deshaun Watson Workout Supplements (which is what we like to call them) are wholly legitimate. There isn’t anything sinister about them whatsoever.

Sure, Deshaun Watson works out like mad however it is this top secret addition to his daily diet that appears to be helping him to maintain the power and the strength he needs to remain at the very top of his game. Here is the account of our findings ….

To be continued …

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