Is DHEA Really Safe?
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Is DHEA Really Safe?

Is DHEA Really Safe?For many years, there has been speculation to see if DHEA is really safe or not. We will explain to you if it is after we explain to you what it is. DHEA is a hormone that is made by our adrenal glands, which are located above the kidney.

From the adrenal gland, the hormone is pushed into our blood stream through our capillaries and is sent throughout the body and sent to cells that need it. Once it is in our cells, it is converted to estrogens and androgens.

The male hormone is androgen while the female hormone is estrogen. Also, DHEA is manufactured in our brain as well. This is only some of the DHEA in our body, not all of it. A majority of it is found in our adrenal glands.

Although DHEA is needed in our body, there is also a chance for there to be some side effects to it. There is a strong connection between hair loss and DHEA. Why is this? This is because DHEA can increase how much testosterone is found in the body. It also increases dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, which is found in our hair follicles.

If we have too much DHT in the body, it can certainly lead to hair loss. This is one of the most common side effects of DHEA in the human body. Another side effect is that it can affect our menstrual system. It also can cause acne to pop up on our face, cause some irritability, and even cause restlessness in some people.

The big question is this “With all of these side effects, is DHEA still safe?”

Our answer is yes. Like all other supplements, DHEA needs to be in the body in moderate amounts. Taking too much DHEA can cause problems in the body, like many other nutrients and minerals. If you end up taking large amounts of DHEA, you may experience symptoms such as heart palpitations and even irregular heartbeats.

If you experience this, you should realize that your DHEA levels are in high amounts in the body. The good thing is that DHEA has not ever caused death. DHEA is an extremely popular supplement on the market today, and it has been taken by people for thousands of years. We recommend taking it for as long as you need to, but do not abuse it. Taking it for extended periods of time can cause health problems, as you have seen before.

DHEA is a safe supplement when taken in the correct amounts. Overdoing it; or any type of supplement, is never good for your body. DHEA is very beneficial for men and women over the age of 40 years old.

We recommend taking no more than 30 mg of DHEA per day. Our body naturally processes DHEA and makes about 10 mg to 15 mg each day. So finding a supplement that has DHEA in the correct amount for your body is very important for your overall health.

Is DHEA Really Safe?
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