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Diet And Fibromyalgia

Diet plays a big role in keeping many health issues in check and it’s also important for fibromyalgia sufferers. While information about fibromyalgia diet is still sketchy to say the least, evidence suggests that there could be benefits in other eating or avoiding certain food types.

Deciding on a diet for fibromyalgia if symptoms are playing havoc in your life means sitting down with your doctor and pinpointing what times symptoms are worse and whether there is any connection with food eaten before the episode.

The same should be noted of when symptoms are less apparent and whether there is a relation to any type of food you ate in connection with symptoms subsiding. Eating foods which are high in antioxidants and low in fat are usually encouraged.

Is Diet A Cure For Fibromyalgia

It is possible to reduce or overcome the symptoms of fibromyalgia by taking fibromyalgia diet and change in lifestyle. There are some foods that must be totally eliminated from your diet and they include alcohol, coffee, chocolates and carbonated drinks.

Other guidelines for a good fibromyalgia diet are drinking plenty of water, eat fibre and make fruits and vegetables an integral part of your diet. Other foods that must be avoided as a part of fibromyalgia diet are fried foods, white sugar, white flour, high fat dairy products, red meat, saccharine, tobacco, nutrasweet and alcoholic beverages.

Studies indicate that phosphorus from the bones is leaked as a result of consuming carbonated beverages that may cause memory loss. Also, sugar in these beverages can lead to yeast problems. Caffeine is diuretic meaning you need to replace the lost water due to their consumption. As you urinate more, the calcium in the body is lost faster. Consumption of caffeine also puts more stress on liver and adrenal glands.

Consider A Good Diet For Fibromyalgia

If you are suffering from fibro symptoms it’s important to take special care in planning a fibromyalgia diet. You must eat well and try to include raw foods into your diet. There are certain enzymes in raw foods that help in digestion of food. They are also full of phytochemicals and antioxidants that improve your immune system.

If you have a juicer, make a habit of drinking fresh carrot juice everyday. It is the best diet for fibromyalgia and has been known to cure cancer and various other diseases as well. Look for healthy recipes over the Internet and be a part of forum where people are dealing with the same problem. Good diet and regular exercise can cure most of the illnesses.

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