2 Diet Plans For Women – Research and Review
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2 Diet Plans For Women – Research and Review

I wrote this Diet Plans For Women article as a way to share all of the information that I had collected during my own personal search for a healthy, “sane” diet plan to use for myself.

My story is a pretty common one that I’m sure you’ve heard from people before or maybe it even reminds you a little bit of your own story. I have always been conscious of my weight ever since my early 20′s. I have never been extremely overweight but I have always had to watch what I ate all the time!

I used to jump from one diet plan or diet fad to the next every few months. The fact that I was never able to either keep any weight off or stick to the weight loss plan I had started for longer than a few weeks just became routine for me. Finally, after many false starts and more than a few crazy tips, I got serious and found the best way to lose weight, feel great and best of all, to stick with it!

After deciding that I was tired of always hiding in the back of pictures, never wanting to go to a friend’s swimming pool or put myself in any position that I found uncomfortable to be seen in, I realized that I needed to get serious about trying to lose weight and get in shape. I’m happily married but I realize now that even though my husband never said anything, my weight issue was starting to put a strain on our relationship.

Now I can say that I am finally happy with how I look and more importantly, how I feel! I tried those other diet plan meals, I tried going to those group weigh-ins (geez, was that embarrassing!), I even tried some pretty stupid diets such as rapid weight loss, diet shakes, cookies only, meat only… seems the only “only” I was seeing was the “I only gained my weight back!”.  

This was when I decided to finally seek out a sensible, healthy and safe weight loss program that would fit my life style. I did a ton of research from every reputable source I could find. I used advice and recommendations from doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, real life people who have made a life style change and any other source I thought would give me a better understanding of losing weight, staying healthy and keeping that weight off.

I made a list of the most important features that any plan would need to include to even make it on my list for me to consider. These were:

  • It had to be safe to be on for the long term;
  • Easy to understand and follow (no weird or expensive foods to have to buy!);
  • Non-rigid plan that allows for adjusting as needed;
  • Inexpensive to start, initiate and maintain;
  • Be put together by a reputable, knowledgeable person in the weight loss industry;
  • Include a LOT of verifiable true account testimonials from other people using it;
  • and one of the most important: TASTE GOOD !!

When I first started my research on the internet, I got what you probably found: a whole lot of junk results! Boy, there is so much stuff out there that it can make your head spin. Well, luckily for you, I happen to be a really good researcher. It’s what I do for work. Using the techniques I use in my job, I was able to take my criteria list above and start filtering out the scams, junk diets, snake oil products and all the other bad advice out there and start to narrow down my results to just the legitimate and realistic diet plans for women.

Even amongst those results there were still literally hundreds of potential plans to choose from. After much more work and many more hours of reading and scrutinizing these plans, I was able to eliminate the one’s that didn’t fully meet my requirements one by one until I was left with my list.

Now at some point I had a list of the best 20 plans, then I narrowed that down to the best 10 plans and then finally down to the best 5 plans. At first I thought I might put my top 20 on this blog or maybe the top 10 but I realized that when I thought about it, that just didn’t make sense. Who really cares what the 20th or 10th or even 5th best diet plans for women are when you have all those others that are better to choose?

So I finally decided that the top 2 plans are all that anyone would really care about. Both of these plans meet and exceed the criteria list I created and each offer a slightly different focus on what they are accomplishing. I have personally used and am using these plans and I am able to give an in-depth review of both of these on this blog.

So, take a minute and browse through my reviews below. I hope you get as much use out of this information as I did.

To your best health and slimmer you!

Program #1. The Diet Solution Program – A yummy way to lose weight!

OK, simply put, The Diet Solution Program is one of the best all-time diet plans for women out there today. This one definitely makes my list for several reasons: it is easy to use; easy to understand; easy to follow; easy to stick with after the initial stage and easy on the wallet. YEP, IT’S EASY!

Now, I’ll go into a little more detail on what my research about this program has revealed and my personal opinions on it. I won’t rehash all the fine details about how this diet program works and how it will help you to lose weight. I’ll leave that up to the website for you to look at… they do a pretty good job of explaining everything.

Finding a good weight loss program that actually works and that you will stick with is not such an easy task. The Diet Solution Program however fits the bill.

This is not a get thin quick, overnight type diet. Rather, this diet plan focuses on a solid understanding of your individual body type and then tailoring a diet plan that works for you! This is one of the main benefits of this diet is that it realizes not all of us are built the same or have the same type of metabolism.

Let me tell you a little about the creator of this diet and meal plan. Her name is Isabel De Los Rios. She is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist. She has already helped over 25,000 people lose large amounts of weight, improve their health and change their lives forever. Out of all the authors of diet plans for women that I reviewed, Isabel has one of the most compelling credentials. She not only has the education to create this healthy diet plan but has also struggled with her own weight in the past.

She was an overweight teenager herself and both her mother and grandmother suffered from Type 2 diabetes due to being overweight. Realizing that this was most likely her fate, she became extremely well educated and pursued a goal of living healthier and fit. You can sense her passion coming through on the pages of this weight loss program. This was one of the main selling points that I liked.

Here are just some of the main things I really liked about this program:

– Available as an eBook for instant download to your computer. You can then either read it from there or just print it out in book format. Your choice!

– Well written and easy to follow by someone you can tell really understands the human body and knows how to deliver a plan you will want to stick with.

– Additional 10 page eBook metabolism test. This simple questionnaire lets you determine exactly what type of body you have and then be able to tailor your meals and diet to you exactly! No “cookie cutter” template here.

– A 126 page success journal for you to keep track of your progress as you go and to see your goals being accomplished along the way. I used to think that this sort of thing was a little “hokey”, until I tried it. Say what you want but it really does work and help you to keep going. Don’t skip this.

– Food shopping guide included. Basically tells you what to buy and where to find it. Very valuable.

– A Quick Start guide. If you’re anything like me, when you go to start something new you want to jump in as soon as possible when you get it. This 33 page guide can be read in about 15 minutes and get you instantly started on the program. Then when you have the time you can go back and read the full manual. Just make sure you do!

– Top 10 nutrition mistakes that keep us fat. This additional eBook tells you what foods are working against us (be prepared to be surprised… I was)!

– Tons of real testimonials from actual customers (a lot with before and after pictures) swearing to how much they enjoyed the program and lost weight.

– Very important: A 60 day (8 week) full, 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you didn’t like the program, you get to receive a full refund. Let’s face it: you will know by 2 months if this diet is working for you or not. I lost weight after my first week!

– Last and certainly not least, 2 more eBooks, each one about 70 pages long. The first is a book of meal plans to help you set out your meals during the week. No, this is not mandatory that you have to follow this. Instead this is a very helpful guide to get you started without thinking too much about it on your own. The second book is a recipe book. Full of tasty and delicious recipes (that are obviously good for you) that will keep you going on the diet / nutrition plan.

– Definitely a top contender on my list of diet plans for women!

PS: In case you were wondering… NO CALORIE COUNTING  AND NO SUPPLEMENTS!

Some of the things I did not like about this program:

Honestly, there was not much I didn’t care for. I had very stringent qualifications for finding a diet program and The Diet Solution Program met almost all of them. However, the few things I did find that fit this category were:

– Not much in the way of exercise information. Although Isabel does talk about it somewhat in the FAQ section of the program, this is not a main focus of this diet. This plan is really all about nutrition, health choices, and weight loss. If you are like me then you might be saying to yourself, “Great! No exercise!” And who knows, maybe you have that body type where diet alone works for you. Unfortunately, I do not. I have always found that just minimal basic exercise in addition to a diet plan has always increased my fat burning ability and actually makes me feel good.

– The company website has a lot, and I mean a lot, of useful information on it if you click around. However, as with almost every product for sale out there, the front page and language sounds a little “salesy”. I suppose that this is done to get you to stay long enough to really give it a good look. I actually am used to this and don’t mind because this content is legit and the plan works great!

There is an additional package that is also available when purchasing this. I think they call it the “Platinum Package” or “Super Duper Package” or who knows. You’ll see it when you get to it. Basically it includes everything in the basic package plus a bunch of other goodies such as audios of Isabel discussing in more detail this diet plan, additional eBooks on things such as secrets to be aware of regarding cholesterol lowering drugs and how they affect you, more meal plans and one of the coolest parts, one-on-one personal email consultations with Isabel directly!

I personally thought that this package upgrade was well worth it and have benefited from it a lot. Whichever package you choose, I know you will probably be as happy with this diet plan for women as I was.

Program #2. The Truth About Abs – Lose weight and firm up

Ok, here are the results of all of my many hours of research on this diet plan. Hopefully it will save you a lot of time!

Now, as I mentioned in another post, I won’t sugar coat any of my reviews I write about. I’ll tell you not only what I really liked about this program but also what I think its flaws are and if it is worth the time and money.

When I was searching for the best diet plans for women  I kept coming back to this plan several times. It really meets all of the criteria every woman should be looking for in a diet plan and who is also interested in losing some of that belly fat! It made my short list of the best diet plans I could find to help me lose weight.

Don’t let the name of this program mislead you though. When I came across it the first time I almost skipped right past it. I was thinking that it was a program for all those “beach types”, and that’s definitely not me! Turns out, this is a really good diet/nutrition/exercise program that actually focuses just a little on specific abdominal exercises and instead takes the approach that we all have abs already…for most of us, they’re just buried under too much fat to see them!

Here’s what I really like about this simple diet plan:

– It is an eBook (digital book you download to your computer and either read there or print out like a regular book). No waiting for the mail. Let’s face it…once we decided to get serious about shaping up we need to strike while the iron is hot or our old friend, “Mr. Procrastination” will pay us a visit!
Note: They do offer a physical version if you want for a small additional charge.

– It is written by a well respected nutritionist. His name is Mike Geary, CNS, CPT. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree and has also authored other books, is a contributor to health magazines and runs an online fitness newsletter with  710,000 subscribers! He knows his stuff!

– Mike provides a TON of verifiable testimonials on his website with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

– Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Full refund given for any reason. The cost is very reasonable. The full package is only $39.95 or you can get a 21-Day Trial for $4.95. This is incredibly less than the cost of a gym membership (let’s face it, if you’re anything like me, take a good look at the gym when you join. It might be the only time you see it!)

– Specific diet plan for women video to show you what his plan is all about.

– Lots of photos to understand what he is talking about (let’s face it… a picture really is worth a thousand boring words)

– Detailed meal plans laying out simple to follow meals (either pre-made in the store or homemade). Nothing weird or hard to find. These charts are laid out in an “Eating for Dummies” kind of fashion. No real heavy thinking needed. Perfect!

– Online caloric calculator

– Email support, excellent customer service support, suitable for women of all ages, workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home, meal plans included.

– Absolutely a top contender for meeting my requirements on a list of the best diet plans for women!

The entire plan could be generally described as 2 main parts. There is the diet/nutrition part of the diet plan that focuses on what you should eat. Here is really where I think this plan sets itself apart from most others. There are no special diet foods or weight loss meal plan you have to buy into. Without going into too much detail here (you can get ALL the details on the website), basically Mike encourages us to eat the types of foods that actually promote fat burning and to try and limit the foods that only provide empty calories. It is this part of the weight loss program that really shines through! Mike explains this in much more detail including the easy to understand science behind it. After all like I said, we all have abs, we just need to get rid of the fat that is hiding them!

The other main part of this healthy diet plan is the exercise section. WHAAAAAT??? EXERCISE??!! Yes, I’m sorry. It’s the evil “E” word. But don’t worry. Contrary to what the name of this program is, there are no heavy duty crunches going on or crazy upside down, bend yourself into a pretzel and hold it routines. These exercises are all very well crafted, easy to do and enjoyable! Mike mixes them up really well to alleviate repetition boredom and to maximize the very most fat burning possible in as little time.

One of the things I really like about the workout part of this program is that it is broken into three sections:

  • A workout designed to be completed in a gym.
  • Workouts designed to be done at home with basic equipment (exercise ball etc)
  • Workouts designed to be done at home with no equipment.

This is really useful information. Not everyone has time for the gym. If you do  have a membership already, then great! On the days you can’t make it in, you can do your exercises at home.

Here are the things I did not like about this plan:

– Limited videos of all exercises. However, there are plenty of detailed photos of each.
– Would have been nice if the video were included in the basic package
– Physical version only available at an additional charge
– Some offers for exercise equipment, etc. to buy. You can just skip these unless you want them.


As I mentioned elsewhere in my blog, I am not going to waste your time nor mine by writing a big review on diet plans for women that are junk. Who cares? Nobody would or should buy them. So the fact that I have even spent the time to share all of my research with you on the Truth About Abs program should tell you right there that I really like it.

The few negatives I have found about it are acceptable and do not take away from the many, many benefits I see in this product. The program met all of my criteria when searching for a healthy, simple, successful diet plan. It is simple to use, well written and easy to understand with lots of photos and some videos, tons of actual customer testimonials, created by a legitimate professional nutritionist and certified personal trainer, very low cost both initially and to use long term, practical and safe.

Other than not providing that magic pill we are all hoping will come someday to allow us to eat anything, sit on the couch and never have to exercise, this program has it all!

If you are looking for a diet plan that will work for women and meets everything I laid out, then I suggest this one. I loved it and hope you will too.

2 Diet Plans For Women – Research and Review
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