Dieting – Eating out when you’re trying to lose weight
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Dieting – Eating out when you’re trying to lose weight

Imagine eating out at any kind of restaurant – fast food, gourmet dining, or an all-you-can-eat buffet – without thinking about losing weight, or worse, thinking about gaining weight. Thin people don’t think about dieting when they eat out. Why should you? Instead, eat like you’re already at your ideal size!

Does this mean you can pig out? Of course not. When you’re enjoying life at your ideal size, why would you ever pig out? It doesn’t make sense.

Every dining out opportunity can help you reach and stay at your ideal size, even as you thoroughly enjoy the tastes and pleasures of the food.

Eat with Intention and Full Enjoyment

To dine means to eat beautifully. Dining means thinking about your hunger number, giving thanks for your food, eating slowly, having a good time, and stopping eating when your stomach is comfortable. You can dine any time you eat out, even at fast-food restaurants. You can also, of course, dine at home.

When you’re eating out, you want the camaraderie, the friendship, the family, and all the pleasures of the experience to be more important than just eating. The food certainly counts, but let it be only one part of your total enjoyment. Even in a fast-food restaurant, you can choose to dine, or you can eat to get the food down.

Tips for Eating Out

Here are some simple ways to improve your eating out style:

  1. Eat enough (that is, eat up to 5 on the hunger scale) and take the rest home. Never be embarrassed to ask for a take-home box. It’s a thin thing to do.
  2. Share your meal with a friend. Sharing an entrée also makes it easier to save room in your stomach for dessert.
  3. Think of eating out as entertainment. View the food as just part of the total experience.
  4. Leave food on your plate. Convince yourself that it’s “cool” and enlightened not to eat everything you are served.
  5. Be a Picky Eater, just as you would at home. If the food doesn’t meet your standards, don’t eat it. If you want to send it back to the kitchen, do so. Heck, if you want a certain pasta dish without the pasta, the cook can probably figure it out. Be polite but steadfast. After all, it’s your tummy, your waistline, and your money we’re talking about here.
Dieting – Eating out when you’re trying to lose weight
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