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Dieting, Weight Loss, and Your Mood

The concept of a healthy lifestyle often excludes one very important aspect of the body: mental health. The link between dietary habits, sleep, moods, and overall happiness receives relatively little attention behind six-pack abs and gimmicky exercise products.

This is why anyone that is on the road to a healthier life should understand some of the startling connections between what we eat and how we feel.

The easiest connection to make is between food consumption and being tried or cranky. This happens because the human body requires energy in the form of food to carry out all basic functions.  From sugars to carbohydrates, the body needs a wide variety of important nutrients to function properly.

This may sound odd after years of nutritionist demonizing carbs, sugars, and fats, but these nutrients are absolutely necessary to a healthy lifestyle as long as done in moderation.

Energy levels are not the only aspect of one’s life that is going to be affected by an improper diet. The consumption of healthy foods is vital in producing the required amounts of serotonin.  This chemical is found in the brain and has been linked to feelings of calmness, happiness, and contentment.

Improper dietary habits can lead to an uneven production of serotonin, resulting in dramatic mood swings.

The key to controlling these types of mood swings is by maintaining a consistent eating schedule.  It is also important to keep large portions of heart and brain healthy food in one’s diet such as dark green vegetables, high-protein legumes, chicken, turkey, salmon, or mackerel.

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Dieting, Weight Loss, and Your Mood
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