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Diets Are Not Good

Many newer diets are not good you, they may be very effective at assisting with weight loss, but will you be able to maintain the weight loss once you go off that diet? for most people the answer in no!


Diets Are Not GoodBecause dieting is a short term change of what you eat. When what you need to do is change not only what, but how you eat.

Instead of emphasizing all of the positives of long-term good health and fitness, most popular diet plans stress the significance of losing weight rapidly


You need to incorporate some kind of exercise to keep your body burning the fat, and that means it should be more a lifestyle change.

You need to incorporate an exercise program you can continue to use for the rest of your life and you must enjoy doing it.

It is good to look at what you are eating, but look at the amount of food you have on your plate, and the size of your plate.

If you limit certain food groups, then you may not get all the nutrients that you need.

For example, focusing on vegetables and proteins, while ignoring necessary carbohydrates and fruits,  will not give you all the nourishment you need as you need in a balanced diet.


Before you start any diet or exercise program It is important to have your health and fitness assessed by your doctor, and let him know that you are starting a new diet and exercise program.

You may think this is a bit odd but while losing weight is intended to improve your health and fitness, doing it while in poor health can actually make things worse so you need to know your limits.

Undergoing a physical examination and discussing your plans, with your healthcare practitioner will ensure that you do it in a safe way.


The fact is most modern diets that focus on losing weight fast, rather than keeping weight off are not good in the long term. How many times have you tried, lost some weight only to have it return with even more.

That is because when you diet you deny your body the amount of food it was getting and then you go beck to eating the same foods your body goes into famine mode and stores much more fat in case it is starved again. That is why so many people end up much larger than before they went on the diet.

Remember it took time to put that weight on so it will take time to lose it again. Make your choices wisely about your health and fitness, and make sure that the method that you have chosen promotes good health.

If you want to lose weight the right way, pick your weight loss strategy carefully. Dieting does not have to be difficult, and it can be done in a healthy and safe manner.

Diets Are Not Good
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