Does Exercise & Health Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?
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Does Exercise & Health Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?

According to an 11-year study in Breast Cancer Research concerning 32,000 postmenopausal women, daily vigorous exercise can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by up to 30 percent! Granted, this study was carried out on women who were of normal weight and who exercise on a regular basis, but the figures are exceptional compared to women who don’t exercise.

The study showed that a sedentary lifestyle – even in women who are in good shape- can create more risk for developing the disease. The vigorous activities in the study included heavy housework, strenuous sports or running and fast dancing. The study showed that it’s not essential that the exercise be carried out in a fitness center or gym to be effective. It’s also widely known that women who have woman’s health insurance coverage are more likely to detect and treat breast cancer before it becomes a major issue.

Women who are overweight and who do vigorous exercise are still at risk for developing the disease due to their overweight status and the toll it takes on their bodies. Women with normal weight bodies will benefit the most from regular strenuous exercise. Increasing the level of physical activity also lowers the risk of developing cancer in postmenopausal women, according to the study.

The longer the exercising goes on, the better the woman feels and consequently, she will have a much better chance of not developing the disease. The activity level must be at least moderately vigorous such as brisk walking or running and add up to at least seven hours a week to become effective at lowering the risk of developing breast cancer. Exercising at a less than vigorous level may help you to lose weight or tone up muscles, but has no discernable effect on lowering the risk of breast cancer.

Does Exercise & Health Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?
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