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Does Omega 3 Fish Oil Protect You against Prostate Cancer or Cause Prostate Cancer?

2 Omega 3 studies about prostate cancer produced opposing results

There has been evidence in the past that omega 3 fish oil, in other words the omega 3 essential fatty acids found in fish oil, namely DHA and EPA, may help protect you against prostate cancer. Well, … for men at least anyway.

A new study is now suggesting the opposite, in fact suggesting that more omega 3 may actually be a risk factor in increased rates of prostate cancer. This obviously flies in the face of previous research, and is a little concerning.

We certainly don’t intend to discuss the pros and cons about this debate. We are not qualified to consider whether or not more Omega3 essential fatty acids protect you from prostate cancer or increase the risk of prostate cancer.

We are simply here to bring you the news as we find it.

However we do point out that there is some debate about the conclusions of the study and in particular whether the study examined if more omega 3 actually caused prostate cancer, or merely concluded that higher levels of Omega3 were found in men suffering prostate cancer, but did not establish whether or not these higher levels of omega 3 actually caused it.

So clearly there is some debate here, and if you’re interested in learning more about this debate then here is where you could start. Begin by reading the articles below: 

Does Omega 3 Fish Oil Protect You against Prostate Cancer or Cause Prostate Cancer?
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Originally posted 2016-11-25 15:50:59.

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