Don’t Fear The Spring! 5 Tips for Taming Allergies
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Don’t Fear The Spring! 5 Tips for Taming Allergies

Don’t Fear The Spring! 5 Tips for Taming AllergiesHave you noticed the weather outside? It’s unseasonably warm for this time of year and people are throwing their windows open to let the house breathe. If you have allergies, you’ll know not to open the windows for long! Very soon, trees, flowers and shrubs will be blooming and grass will be growing. With all of this new life comes pollen, your worst enemy.

It’s time to stop fearing the spring! Here are five tips to help you make it through allergy season relatively unscathed:

1. Pay Attention to Pollen Counts

Some days are worse than others when it comes to pollen counts. Tune in to your local newscast in the morning and watch for the weather report. Most stations will give their viewers a daily pollen report. This can be incredibly helpful for allergy sufferers who are trying to plan their day!

If your news station doesn’t give a pollen count, look in your newspaper and see if there is a published pollen count for the day. If you have an Apple device, download the app for information at the touch of a finger.

2. Know When Pollen Counts are Highest

Many people mistakenly think that pollen counts are highest when the sun is bright in the sky. In fact, pollen counts are often at their highest in the early morning. If you can, avoid going outside during the early morning hours and try to do the majority of your errands in the afternoon or evening hours.

3. Keep Windows Closed

Do not think that your window screens are enough to trap out pollen particles. Many of these particles are microscopic, easily fitting through the screens in your windows, entering your home and triggering attacks. Resist the urge to throw your windows open until, at least, early afternoon.

When driving, keep the windows in your car closed. Not only will opening the car windows bring you face-to-face with pollen, but it will allow pollen to settle onto the interior surfaces of your car, potentially causing an attack the next time you sit down.

4. Get Tested

If you’ve never been tested for allergies, the time is now. It can be a mistake to assume that you are allergic to tree pollen when, in fact, you may be allergic to a certain type of flower or even a certain species of grass. When you know exactly what you are allergic to, you can possibly remove the items from your immediate environment, reducing your triggers.

5. Get Medicated

If your allergies are severe enough, your allergist may suggest a series of injections to keep your allergies under control. If your allergies are less severe, you may still require prescription medication rather than over-the-counter antihistamines.

Aside from obtaining the correct prescription, your allergist may also recommend the best time for you to take your medication. Your doctor may recommend beginning your medication at a specific time of the year or even at a certain part of the day. Knowing when to take your medication can help you stave off the worst of your allergic reactions. In fact, if you get a handle on what to take and when to take it, you may be able to prevent your attacks from happening.

Living in fear of the spring is no way to live. By knowing the pollen count for the day, following a few common sense practices and visiting your allergist, you can make it through the spring season with nary a sniffle. Follow these tips and, chances are, you’ll have the best spring you’ve had in years.

Don’t Fear The Spring! 5 Tips for Taming Allergies
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