Don’t Like the Gym? Play Sports Instead

Don’t Like the Gym? Play Sports Instead

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Perhaps the closest you’ve gotten to sports in the last several years is engaging in sports betting online.  Because of this, you may think you’re just not able to play sports, consigning you to a miserable time at the gym.

But if you’re looking to shape up and you just can’t stand wasting half an hour a day on a machine that takes you nowhere, watching some useless news program or sitcom rerun on the gym’s television, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t turn to sports as a great alternative for getting fit.

Even if you’re a little hesitant to jump right in, remember that most of the people on adult leagues are in the same boat as you.  They haven’t played in years, either, and they’re going to be at all different levels in terms of skill and ability.  So try it out – you just might have a little fun in the process!  Here are a few sports you may want to take a shot at.

  1. Baseball.  America’s pastime could quickly become your new favorite sport once you start to play instead of watch.  Think about it this way; you could sit on your butt watching baseball, drinking beer and eating hot dogs for a couple of hours, or you could be out there hitting balls, running the bases, and catching pop flies.  The former may sound more appealing initially, but once you see your body trimming up from your efforts and you feel the rush of stealing a base or sliding into home, you’ll wonder why you didn’t play sooner.
  2. Soccer.  Nothing will get you fit faster than this non-stop sport.  There’s a reason people who play the most popular sport in the world are ripped; there are no breaks in action!  Soccer will help you to increase strength, stamina, and coordination.  And you’ll lose fat and gain muscle in the process.  It’s one of the best all-around workouts to be found in the wide world of sports.
  3. Swimming.  Not all sports are team-based, although you could join a swimming team.  But whether you’re diving or doing laps, this is a great way to build lean muscle without the major impact that you might face in other fitness regimens.  The water provides for low-impact resistance that forces you to work every muscle group, from arms to core to legs.  In one simple exercise you can tone and define your entire body.  And it’s a great cardio-pulmonary workout, as well, strengthening your heart and lung function.
  4. Lacrosse.  This is somewhat like the hockey, even though it is played on land. There is also no massive amounts of equipment (and falling).  Instead of a hockey stick you use a lacrosse stick (a long handle with a small net on the end to catch the ball) anda lacrosse ball (a small, rubber ball) in place of a puck.  The ball is passed from player to player down the field without the use of any part of the body (the net must be used to carry the ball as well as pass and catch it) with the aim of scoring in your opponent’s goal.
  5. Jogging.  Although you probably won’t join a team for this one, all you’ll need is a good pair of running shoes and maybe a few friends to make it fun.  If you hate to go it alone, think about joining a local running club.  And explore options like trail running (as opposed to street) for a scenic view as you exercise.
Don’t Like the Gym? Play Sports Instead
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