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What’s in the Drew Brees workout that still has him playing some of the best football of his career at 38?

As players like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers et al make it clear they’re determined to still be playing at 40 and beyond their workout routines clearly need to change to suit. They need to be more considerate of their joints and aging bones. TB manages it with something he calls muscle pliability. Others, like Drew Brees, have their own types of workouts that allow them to maintain peak fitness whilst saving their joints.

Body Saving Drew Brees Workout Routines

Drew Brees Workout - 2Here are a few of the exercises Drew includes in his routine that have helped him stay at the top of his game. The exercises predominantly focus on that all-important job of ensuring a strong, balanced core. An integral part of this strength and balance comes from the torso. Therefore it makes sense to incorporate exercises like multidirectional ab rollouts that strengthen this. These exercises work on stomach muscles. They need to support his torso and stop it from collapsing. By constantly changing the direction of the rollouts it mimics the way the torso needs to move on a football field during a game.

Band splitters or Band Pull-Aparts are another important piece of equipment in a Drew Brees workout routine. They allow him to focus on strengthening particular groups of muscles that may not get much of a workout with other routines.

Some of these muscles play an important role in stabilizing and supporting other bigger groups of muscles, and also limbs. One crucial area for Drew are his shoulder muscles. Notably the right shoulder muscles that he tore several years back. These muscles directly impact on his throwing arm so he needs them working properly.

For an ‘older’ guy Drew is still showing up his team in the fitness stakes! He’s over half a decade older than the rest of the team. They should have the leap on him fitness wise. The fact that they don’t is testament to how well Drew’s training regime is working. Part of this success is due to the 300-yard shuttles he incorporates into his training. What’s the 300-yard shuttle?

Shuttle Exercise Integral Part Of A Drew Brees Workout

Drew Brees Workout - 1In a nutshell, it’s a 50-yard sprint in one direction followed by a sharp 180-degree turn and a 50-yard sprint back to the starting point. Repeated 3 times to make up 300 yards total, or a ‘shuttle’, without a break in between each sprint.

Drew normally does three of these shuttles with a 2-minute break in between each one. They are designed to improve mental toughness, build endurance, and improve recovery capacity after sprints.

They’re also excellent for improving directional changes at speed and for building speed and acceleration. The fact that Drew at 38 is still the fittest person in the Saints line up speaks volumes.

It seems that (as we like to refer to them) Drew Brees Workout Supplements are legal and above board. There’s nothing sinister about them whatsoever .

Yes Drew Brees does work out like mad however it is this secret addition to his daily menu that appears to be assisting him with maintaining the power and strength he needs to remain at the top of his game. Here is our report on our findings …

To be continued …

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