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Drink Water to Lose Weight?

You must hear it all the time – ‘Drink more water! You need to drink more water!’. If you’re like me you probably know you should but struggle to drink enough or just reply with, ‘I know!’

If you’re like me then you may also need a good enough reason to do anything. What if I told you that you can drink water to lose weight? Hear me out before you call me crazy..(maybe too late!)

Most people are dehydrated and don’t drink enough water so do you know what our clever little, adaptive body does in response to this? It retains more water to cope with the lack of water being taken in. What this does is give your skin a soft ‘puffy’ appearance and adds a few pounds on to your frame.

Now if you drink enough water, at least 8 glasses a day, then your body will keep flushing it out when you go to the toilet so you will not be retaining as much water! Thus, you won’t look as soft as you used to because there isn’t as much water stored under your skin. As an added benefit you’ll probably weigh a few pounds less as well. So in this case you can see how you could drink water to lose weight.

The next way in which water can help to keep your body lean is quite an indirect one. You are probably aware that eating small portions of food frequently is the way to go in order to keep your metabolism high but we can sometimes get the idea of ‘small portions’ wrong. We eat and eat but still feel hungry so we eat some more! Water will give you a feeling of fullness so that you don’t over eat.

Next time, after you’ve finished your portion of food, if you are still hungry – down a glass of water and wait a while. I think you’ll be pleased with the result. (it has been studied that it takes our brain around 15 minutes to alert us when we are full! So be patient!)

Thirst or Hunger?

Did you know that most people actually mistake thirst for hunger? A glass of water will do the trick most times so give it a go. (Obviously if you haven’t eaten for 3 hours or more, eat because you actually are hungry!)

Finally, drinking water may help speed up fat loss by increasing your metabolism. This has been researched and argued but it is a little extra incentive. Also, there is absolutely no doubt that getting your minimum 8 glasses a day will help your body to function optimally and that can only be good for fat loss.

Being dehydrated, for example, will cause you to lose 20% of your strength in the gym, so water will indirectly effect your fat loss potential by lowering your intensity when you train. This will lead to less calories burned and less fat lost.

Can we drink water to lose weight then? You bet – whether it effects us directly or indirectly, consuming enough water is crucial for fat loss and will help your body to function optimally!

Drink up!

Drink Water to Lose Weight?
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