Dwight Howard Workout Supported By Good Nutrition

Dwight Howard Workout – How About Dwight Howard Supplements?

The Dwight Howard Workout Story: There was a time when Dwight Howard’s diet regime was definitely not one that set a good example. Very high in processed sugars, he was a real sugar junkie until he was taught the error of his ways.

These days he’s removed all junk food from his diet, and his house, as well as unhealthy oils and processed foods. All empty starches have been replaced with food that is nutrient dense and he only eats humanely produced beef.

Dwight Howard Workout Supported By Good Nutrition

And it’s paid off big time for the once lanky 6’11” Houston Rockets star center and US Olympic team member. His game has improved out of sight and so has his health. And that once lanky frame has developed into a powerhouse physique, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with on the court.

So what goes into the Dwight Howard workout?

It includes a healthy portion of gym work incorporating weight training and routines designed to hone his speed and agility. He does 4 day splits.

The first day concentrates on working the upper body, notably the triceps and chest with bench presses and a series of follow up superset exercises.

Day two is legs day with a focus on squats, calf raises and mountain climbers.

Day three is rest day. Day four incorporates pushing and pulling exercises for the shoulders, biceps and back. And finally on day five he works on developing his explosive power with plyometrics workouts that incorporate jumping and snatching routines.

Days 6 and 7 are generally the weekend and he uses this time to put in some cardio work as well as rest up.

As for that vastly improved diet of his…. It certainly appears to be working out for him because he almost certainly wouldn’t be able to keep up with the vigorous training regime he puts himself through each day if he wasn’t eating properly and taking appropriate supplements.

For the last couple of months we’ve been hearing stories about how guys in Hollywood such as Vin Diesel and Zac Efron or top NBA players like Derrick Rose have been using two insane new products to lose body fat and add some incredible muscle bulk in mere weeks. Needless to say, when word of these ‘wonder-products’ leaked out men everywhere went crazy over them and their popularity simply exploded! Understandably, our readers have also been going mad over them too and why wouldn’t they?

So are there “Dwight Howard Workout Supplements”?

Well, it turns out that these (what we like to call them) Dwight Howard Workout Supplements are all perfectly legal and nothing sinister at all!  However it does give those taking it a bit of an ‘unfair’ advantage. It allows them to build up lean powerful muscle and shed excess fat like lightening.

Dwight Howard works out like crazy. We think it’s this secret addition to his daily diet that is helping him. This way he maintains the power and strength he needs to remain at the top of his game. Here is our report on our findings….

To be continued …

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