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The Earl Thomas workout successfully got the champion free safety back into the game after his season-ending broken leg 2 years ago. Will it do the same for him again this time round? Although unlike last time, it’s questionable whether or not Earl Thomas wants to return to the Hawks! If his finger flip at the team whilst being carted off the field after breaking his leg in Week 4 is any indication, possibly not!

The gesture came after an extended holdout during pre-season training over his contract. Thomas is in the final year of his contract with the Hawks and wants more money plus some security. Or a trade. He is after all rated the best safety in the game at the moment. The Hawks though are reluctant to come to the table, having been burnt several times recently. Then there’s the question of precedent. If they buckle, does it send the wrong message to other players who might be thinking they wouldn’t mind bigger pay checks!

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Holding Out But Earl Thomas Workout Happens Regardless

Earl Thomas Workout - 1Regardless, like most other experienced players who exercise their right not to attend optional pre-season team training, Earl Thomas is not one to stint on keeping fit. And he took to social media to prove it. A series of photos and videos loaded on Instagram show him religiously working out whilst clearly enjoying time with his family. All at the same time as his team mates were slogging it out in team OTA’s elsewhere.

So what did Earl Thomas get up to during his pre-season break? We know there was a spot of weightlifting before he hit the track for a sprint or two. He then took the opportunity to go for a leisurely long distance run through some of the beautiful Washington countryside. There was time to get in a game of mini golf and some rock climbing with his wife.

Earl Thomas Workout With Interesting Training Buddies

His Instagram diary also shows that he spent some time back home in Texas where he caught up with a hockey player friend. They exchanged a few training tips and took a few photos for posterity. He then made sure he was photographed working out with a crossfitter. All of which goes to prove that not only does he get around but he also mixes up his training routine. And the Earl Thomas workout buddies.

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To be continued …

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