Eat Your Way Through A Cold
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Eat Your Way Through A Cold

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The common cold can sneak up on you, knocking you down and keeping you in bed for days. You take the necessary precautions to avoid catching this eternal virus, and sometimes you try too hard. You wash your hands after every time you sneeze; you keep a bottle of antibacterial hand cleanser at your office desk. You avoid handshakes when you meet people. But for some reason, you keep catching a cold. Well, that ends here. Certain foods will actually help you prevent catching a cold; there are foods that will boost your immune system and kick the cold before it even hits. Here are five ways you can eat your way past that annoying cold.

Drink up that Chamomile

It isn’t just any tea, you have to drink your fair share of chamomile to prevent a cold. According to a recent study by London’s Imperial College, people who drank five cups of chamomile a day for two weeks had increased levels of polyphenols in your blood. Polyphenols are plant-based compounds that help prevent bacteria from taking hold and making a home for themselves. What’s more, chamomile also functions as a relaxant, which will make you feel better both in body and in mind.

Skip the dressing

Having a lovely salad at lunch is a great dietary choice, but if you are adding fat-free salad dressing, you are not doing your body any favors in fighting the common cold. The reason for this is that your body needs fat to process the nutrients found in the vegetables. In a recent study conducted by Iowa State University, people who ate salads with fat-free dressings had lower levels of carotenoids, an antioxidant that has been shown to improve your immune system (and therefore preventing viruses). Don’t be afraid to add some regular salad dressing that contains healthy fats, such as olive oil.

Add a tomato or two

Sure, chicken noodle soup may be the perfect comfort food for when you are sick, but what about before hand? Tomatoes, in a recent study, have shown to prevent the common cold before you catch it. People who eat a tomato-rich diet will show 38 percent less degradation of their white blood cells (which control your immune system) than those who did not have a tomato dominated diet. According to experts, it is the lycopene in tomatoes that helps boost your immune system by accelerating your white blood cell creation. Also, tomatoes are excellent combatants against free radicals in your system.

Have a Gatorade

Sports drinks aren’t just for athletes; according to a study conducted by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition, drinking a sports drink will greatly improve your immune system. This is especially effective if you are an active person. Next time you go to the gym or hit the pavement for your daily jog, bring along a bottle of Gatorade instead of water; you may just enjoy your winter without suffering from the pains of a common cold.

Eat Your Way Through A Cold
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