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Eating Before and After You Work Out

You’ve committed yourself to trimming off a few pounds so that you’ll look and feel better; you’ve even decided to attempt an exercise program in order to shrink your waistline so that you’ll reclaim your once-svelte appearance. How do you achieve your goals? By working out on a regular basis, drinking plenty of water, and watching what you eat, you can reach your dream weight and change your entire outlook on life and the challenges that come your way.

Let’s take a look at some foods that you should be eating before and after your workout sessions.

  1. Before you work out, consider having some whole-wheat toast with pieces of sliced banana sprinkled with a little cinnamon. You’ll want to vary your eating habits and the snacks that you have so that you stay motivated and excited about the progress that you’re making. This snack will be easy to digest, which means that you won’t get sick during strenuous activity, and it will supply you with the energy that you need to go through your reps successfully.
  2. After your workout, try some mixed vegetables along with grilled chicken. This dish is nutritious and will provide you with the protein and carbohydrates that you need to fill you up. It’s a heart-healthy dish that will also help your muscles to repair themselves after you’ve put them through your vigorous exercises.
  3. Before your morning run or exercise session, try yogurt and trail mix. This will go easy on your stomach and will give you the energy and stamina that you need. You may want to make your trail mix at home with your favorite fruit and nuts; this also cuts down on the amount of sugar that’s added with some store brands. This is an extremely healthy way to start your day.
  4. After an exercise routine, you should enjoy salmon with some sweet potatoes. You’ll get protein, you will have any inflammation reduced, and your joints will receive added benefits that make them ready for your next routine. Both of these foods can work to prepare your body for another session by replenishing glycogen levels.
  5. Before starting your next morning regimen, try some oatmeal and fresh fruit. Oatmeal is going to stick with you during the entire morning as it gradually releases more sugar into your system. The fruit helps to keep you hydrated and can also add vitamins and nutrients needed to fight off diseases that plague you during the winter months.
  6. After a hard workout, nothing fits the bill for your thirst like chocolate milk. In fact, you may want to add a protein bar or some beef jerky for added flavor along with your chocolate milk.

Knowing what to eat both before and after your workout can impact the dramatic results that you’ll soon see. Be creative and keep the food that you eat interesting so that you’ll stay motivated and committed to reaching your goal.

Eating Before and After You Work Out
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