Eating Disorders – Symptoms, Cause and Treatment
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Eating Disorders – Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

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Let us understand what binge eating disorder really is. A lot of people underestimate the seriousness of this problem and continue to ignore it until it gets out of hand.

Every one of us might have indulged in overeating once in a while. But people with eating disorder overeat compulsively. They feel powerless to stop themselves from eating. These people binge on and off many  times a day.

Binge eaters are usually aware of the bad effects of their habit. They even try their best to overcome it. Yet they are unable to put a stop to binge eating. The sight of food is too tempting for them to turn away their heads.

Binge eaters eat even when they are not feeling hungry. Another trait of such people is that they usually eat at a frantic pace. They don’t even stop to enjoy what they are eating. Their mind may be somewhere else while they are stuffing food down their throats at a rapid pace.

Many binge eaters seem to suffer from feelings of depression, guilt and sadness. They are worried about putting on excess weight and spoiling their health, still they cannot stop this habit. Binge eaters turn to food for comfort when they are not feeling good about themselves. They might be in a bad mood, feeling lonely or bored which can trigger a bout of binge eating.

A survey conducted by National Institutes of Health found that nearly 2% American adults suffer from this serious disorder. As a result of this disorder, their health is getting spoiled. The good news is that this problem can be cured. However, expert help needs to be sought in order to effectively and quickly cure this problem.

Binge eaters may not be able to fight against this disorder on their own. They need the guidance of an expert. At the same time, they need loving support of their family members. If they get that, then this problem can be overcome permanently.

If someone suffers from such a disorder, it is recommended that the person seeks help as soon as possible. The sooner you treat this problem, the easier it would be to get rid of it.

You should also learn how to cope with your negative emotions and stress in an effective manner. None of us can escape from stress and worries. So we should learn how to deal with them without getting disturbed too much. If we can learn to deal with our emotions, then we won’t have to turn to food in order to comfort ourselves.

Eating Disorders – Symptoms, Cause and Treatment
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